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Reviews: Private Tour: London’s Historic Pubs, Local Tales & Beer Tastings


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A great tour with Nigel! He took us to 4 pubs in London all as different from one another as possible, he chose some fantastic beverages for us to sample and regaled us with entertaining stories throughout and showed us parts of the City you're unlikely to find on the normal tourist beat. A real treat of a day which felt very personal and privileged to be on the tour and probably had the best Guinness I've had in London. I'd definitely recommend this tour and if you get Nigel, well...you're in for a treat! (Even The Hoff made an appearance!)

Wonderfull, funny guide and saw some beautiful pubs. Had such a enjoyable and unforgettable afternoon!!

First pub didn’t let us have drinks, but Jeremy adapted very well and if anything it was better without. He’s very inclusive and entertaining.