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The Statue of Liberty the most recognizeable monument in NYC, if not all of America, but it isn't the only thing to see when you catch the ferry out to Liberty Island. New York Harbor is packed with attractions that are often overlooked by other visitors who just want to get to the Statue and back, so take a moment and read up on what else there is to see and do around the Statue of Liberty - it's well worth your time.

Alternatively, take a Statue of Liberty tour with one of our fun local guides. With pre-reserved and carefully-timed entrance, we get you onto the ferry and out to Liberty Island as quickly as possible. Once there, pre-reserved Pedestal Access (included on all of our Statue of Liberty tours) gets you inside the Statue Pedestal, where you'll find a small but fun Statue of Liberty Museum. Then use your special access to climb all the way up to the base of the Statue, for stunning views back over the harbour and New York City.

Most of our Statue of Liberty tours also include guided visits of Ellis Island Immigration Center.

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    Statue of Liberty Pedestal
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    Ellis Island Museum
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    New York Harbor Cruise
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    The Statue of Liberty Museum
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    Views of Lower Manhattan

Enjoy incredible views from the Statue Pedestal

The Statue Pedestal is more than just a somber, neo-classical base for America's most famous statue, it also offers some of the best views of lower Manhattan. The top of the Pedestal (which right below the sandals of Lady Liberty) includes a viewing area that offers great views out over New York Harbor and Lower Manhattan.

Of course, it's not as high as the Crown of the Statue, but you don't have to book 6 months in advance like you do for Crown tickets, it's not closed as regularly for bad weather, and don't have to walk up hundreds of stairs to get there, as you do with the Crown.

An added bonus of Statue Pedestal Access is the Statue of Liberty Museum, which you pass through on the way and which is also listed here as one of our Statue highlights. All of our Statue of Liberty tours include pedestal access.

Notes for Visiting

Please be aware that the Statue of Liberty pedestal access requires a 215-step climb, with no elevator access. Please note that none of our Statue tours include a visit to the Statue of Liberty's Crown.


Does this tour include access to the Statue Crown?
No. Unfortunately, tickets for the Statue of Liberty Crown are extremely limited, at only 365 per day, and sell out months in advance. Walks does not provide any tours that include the Statue of Liberty Crown.
Does the Statue of Liberty restrict what you can bring inside?
All food and drink are banned from the Statue of Liberty, except water in a clear container. You are not allowed to bring any backpack or bag with two straps inside the Statue Pedestal. You are also not allowed to bring tripods and selfie sticks inside the pedestal. Don't worry though, there are plenty of lockers where to leave your backpack and camera gear. The Statue of Liberty lockers are 0.25 cents and only take quarters (ie you will not be able to use a dime and a nickle for example). Additionally, laptops are not allowed on the ferries.
Are there any items that I CAN'T bring on my Statue of Liberty tour?
Before embarking on the ferry boat and before entering the Pedestal all tours pass through two airport-style security checkpoints. You cannot pass these checkpoints if you are carrying a weapon of any kind. Please do not bring guns, knives, pepper sprays or anything that can possibly be used and/or construes as a weapon, like pocket knives and scissors. Even tweezer have been removed from guests in the past. You also will not be able to bring food of any kind, only water.
What if the weather is bad (rain, snow, hail, etc.) on the day of my tour?
Our tours run rain or shine so please dress for the elements. We also ask you to please remember hats and sunscreen if you are taking this tour in the summer as it might be very hot.
Where to these tours start and end?
Our Statue of Liberty and Ellis island Tour will start at Pier A in Battery Park in Manhattan and will end on Ellis Island to allow you to stay longer on the island if you wish to see more of what the site has to offer. If you're unsure of how to get back to where Pier A at the end of the tour don't hesitate to ask your guide. They will be very diligent in showing you how and where to take your ferry back.
Can I still take this tour if I have mobility impairments?
Yes, but with one caveat. If you do have certain mobility impairments, there is an elevator to help reaching the top of the Statue of Liberty Pedestal. However to get to the very TOP of the pedestal, even with the use of the elevator, you need to able to climb around 50 stair steps. Having said this, this tour IS wheelchair accessible as there are ramps onto the boats and elevators to bring you to the museum and even all the way to the pedestal. The only part of the tour that is not wheelchair accessible is the terrace around the top level of the pedestal.
How kid-friendly are these tours?
Extremely. There is with plenty of engagement for your little ones on all our Statue of Libery and Ellis Island Tours. However, if your children are in a stroller, note that strollers won’t be allowed in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty and you will be required to leave it below and carry your child up.
I have mobility issues/use a wheelchair, can I take this tour?
Yes! The Statue Pedestal has elevator access so we are happy to accomodate wheelchair users or those with limited mobility on this tour. The only part you will not be able to visit is a small platform at the very top of the Statue Pedestal.
Are visits to the Statue of Liberty ever canceled due to weather?
Our Statue of Liberty tours run rain or shine but the one exception is if the coastguard stops water traffic in New York Harbor due to inclement weather.
What can I bring with me on my Statue of Liberty tour?
Guests will need to pass through airport-style security to enter the Statue of Liberty. Certain items are not permitted inside the Statue and such items will be confiscated and will not be returned. These items include all weapons; scissors, sharp items and tools; face masks or any items designed to conceal the identity of the wearer. Large packages, suitcases and backpacks will also not be allowed on the ferry to Liberty Island. Please be aware that after the ferry, upon arrival at Liberty Island, there is another level of security. If you are carrying a backpack or large bag at this point, you are required to put your bag/s into a locker which cost 0.25 cents and only take quarters (you will not be able to use a dime and a nickle for example). Please be sure to have a quarter in your change for your locker. Other items not allowed inside at this point include food and drink, strollers, tripods, pocket-knives, laptops and tablet keyboards.
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