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Skip-the-Line Paris Catacombs Tour with Special Access

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2 hours

Max 19

Why take this tour?


  • Submerge yourself beneath the surface of the city streets

  • Explore the intricate network of tunnels which comprise the Paris Catacombs

  • Learn more about the events which led to the creation of one of Europe's largest communal burial grounds

  • Step inside parts of the Catacombs rarely seen by the public

  • Immerse yourself in the 'Empire of the Dead' and hear the story behind the structure

Health & Safety Standards

At Walks we take your health and the health of our community seriously. To accomplish this, we have set a series of standards that will be implemented across every tour;

  • Walks has been certified by SanseeShield.com
  • Walks Guides have received health & safety training, are self-monitoring temperatures daily, and trained in group social distancing practices
  • We ask our guides and guests to wash their hands regularly and carry hand sanitzier
  • Our guides and guests are required to wear masks in accordance with the local government regulations
  • If headsets are needed, they are disinfected at the beginning and end of your experience
  • All Walks tours are always small groups to give you the maximum comfort and safety

Take a (special access!) walk through Paris's eerie City of the Dead

  • Sites Visited
  • Paris Catacombs
  • Tour Includes
  • Local English-speaking guide
  • Expertly guided walking tour
  • Skip-the-line ticket for Paris Catacombs
An engaging local guide is the key to any good Paris Catacombs tour.Expect a spooky corridor or two as you descend into the Catacombs. Paris Catacombs tickets come with over 200 years of stories. The story of the Catacombs is almost as interesting as the Catacombs themselves. The first remains arrived in the Catacombs in 1786.In the Catacombs, there is no shortage of reminders of your own mortality.The amount of bones you'll see on this Paris Catacombs tour is truly staggering. The mix of architectural styles and human remains make the Catacombs a truly singular sight.This Paris Catacombs tour takes you through gates that are usually closed to the public. Our Paris Catacombs guides are part spelunker, part raconteur, and always entertaining.The stories told by your guide add layers of context to everything you see.Femurs and skulls make up the majority of the human remains you will encounter on this tour.Some of the remains in the Catacombs are hundreds of years old. The Latin inscription above the door reads "In memory of the ancestors". "Stop! This Is the Empire of the Dead!"Skulls and femurs were arranged in the 19th century in order to attract more visitors.Have you ever seen a wall composed entirely of human bones?We take you through gates that are usually closed to visitors. Skulls are some of the most affecting of the items displayed in the Catacombs.Each of these skulls and femurs were arranged by hand. The remains of some 6 million people reside in the Paris Catacombs.

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Touring the catacombs was educational and very entertaining. Our guide was wonderful!!!


Can I take this tour if I'm pregnant?
It depends. The people who guard the Paris Catacombs consider women who are visibly pregnant to have a "mobility impairment" and therefore do not allow them to descend into the Catacombs. While we do not necessarily agree with this assessment, we have to respect their policies. If you are visibly pregnant we recommend that you do not take this tour and cannot accept responsibility if you are refused entrance.
What should I wear on my Paris Catacombs tour?
Regardless of what the weather is above ground, the tunnels of the Paris Catacombs are a consistent wet and cool 14°C/57°F all year long. Because of this, we recommend that you wear appropriate clothes, carrying a cardigan in summer and wearing layers that you can remove in winter. We also recommend comfortable walking shoes as the ground is uneven in places.
Do I need to bring an ID with me on this tour?
Yes! Please ensure that all members of your party have a valid ID on them on the day of the visit. This is particularly important for guests who have qualified for a student discount.
I'm claustrophobic. Can I still take a Catacomb tour?
While the Paris Catacombs are not the tightest catacombs we have ever visited, they are still a series of underground tunnels running deep below the streets of Paris. As such, we do not recommend visiting them if you suffer from Claustrophobia.
Are the restrictions on what I can bring on my Paris Catacombs tour?
Yes - only very small backpacks and handbags may be taken inside Paris Catacombs. More specifically, any bag must be smaller than 55 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm. There is no luggage storage at or near the Paris Catacombs and Walks cannot responsible for entry denied due to large luggage.
I am in a wheelchair: Can I take a tour of Paris Catacombs?
No. Unfortunately, due to their historic nature, the Catacombs are not wheelchair accessible.