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Uta was amazing! She is so interesting to listen to and an excellent story teller.

Elena was very knowledgeable and passionate and made the museums come to life for us!

MAMA G was great! She set expectations at the beginning and told us what we were going to do when and how. Her English was excellent, I could easily understand her. BIG compliment as I am going deaf. She took note of my top ten things I wanted to see at the Vatican Museum and tried to give us the opportunity to see them. She asked if we had questions and answered them completely when we did. That was one of the things I really liked, she often answered my questions before I could ask them. I came away with new knowledge, the tour was very informative. AND she managed to this without feeling rushed. I very much wish she could have given my Colosseum tour.

Sev was a fantastic guide he had exceptional knowledge of the tour plus extra little tips and hints. I would certainly recommend this tour to anyone thinking of going to Rome and would certainly recommend Sev as the tour guide to get if possible