Reviews: Day Trips From Rome: Tuscan Hilltowns, Fortresses & Vineyards


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This was the BEST tour yet ! I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Juilano was a very good guide for this. The farms we stopped at were the best . Both the Tornesi and Innocenti wineries. Our bus developed a flat but thanks to our bus driver ,( I apologize I forgot his name). He remained calm along with Juliano and a few helpers on the bus. It still is one of my most favorite highlights. The weather was perfect, it happened after the tour on the way home , so we didn't miss anything i actually wanted to do a tour of 2 days on the Amalfi. Walks did not offer one, so I found another company. But due to my lack of time because i had scheduled to fly to Turkiye for a few day. So that was how i ended up taking this Tuscan trip. I will write more about this tour outside of the survey because I do have a couple of ideas.

I’m so glad we chose this trip. We were able to see the incredible sights of Tuscany while trying the delicious food and wine it’s known for!

This tour we enjoyed very much. We loved Mauela she is a sweet heart and very friendly. My wife and I and she are friends now. Just a couple of notes and Manuela saw this in my face at the Castle walls. She said to me "not what you expected?" I said, I knew because of what was being said online and it's raining so it's ok I'm good. To be honest it is more of a fortification than a castle. That being said, we wonder if this tour could be done in reverse. The reason, it was a long ride back to Rome from Montalcino everyone was really tired by then. I am thinking because everyone is fresh in the morning it would feel easier to do the tour in reverse. It seemed not to take so long getting to Pienza Town. Just a thought, maybe something to think about.