About Us

Our Story

Walks began life as the passion project of two guys with one simple mission: To share their love for, and knowledge of, the city of Rome. Since then, Walks has grown into a team of over 100 ground staff, operating in 22 destinations across Europe and North America with a team of over 600 expert tour guides.

Today we provide some of the most exclusive and beautifully designed small group tours in the industry through Italy-based Walks of Italy, and around the world at Walks, where we offer special access to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and attractions as well as unique cultural experiences.

The Walks Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: We believe the best way to travel is to take walks.

Every city has a story to tell - but you won't hear it on a tour bus! The only way to truly understand a place is to explore it at street level; meet people, take shortcuts, hear stories... And that's exactly what we do at Walks.

Our intimate tours are highly regarded for their exclusive feel - and that’s no accident! Skip-the-line and out of hours access, together with our small group sizes, carefully planned itineraries and the most experienced guides in the business have led us to become an industry leader.

Our Tours & Experiences

At Walks we don’t just copy and paste standard tours, we strive to always find new and better ways to explore even the most familiar attractions.

Whether it’s an after-hours tour at the Tower of London, time alone in St. Mark’s Basilica, an exclusive visit to Seville’s Alcazar before it opens, or sipping cava overlooking La Sagrada Familia, Walks tours provide the most memorable experiences with high quality expeditions that are just a little bit different.

In the beginning, Walks was based on the principle that exceptional guides can make a tour the highlight of someone's vacation, and those values are still at our core today.

Walks guides are educators and story-tellers, not lecturers or script-readers. They live to share their passion with well-informed, curious travelers who want to learn and be entertained.

With our tours you don’t need to worry about being regaled with a Wikipedia entry - instead you’ll enjoy a fully-rounded experience and gain new insights you’ll no doubt want to share with others.

Tried & Trusted

We pride ourselves on our hands-on, customer-focused approach with real people at the heart. It’s why we’ve received thousands of 5* reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor, gaining a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for our tours year after year.

Magnifique from start to finish!

My single day – and night – in Paris with Take Walks was ‘Magnifique!’ from start to finish.

Tiana Templeman, Travel Blogger

Utterly fabulous!

You can choose to tour with hordes of people following a raised umbrella…. OR you can choose Walks of Italy. Small, engaging, incredibly informative and lots of fun! Just an utterly fabulous choice!

Planner4, Walks of Italy review

Early access

Our tour of the Vatican was amazing with early access making each viewing very easy with little crowds. Once realising how crowded it can get we appreciated the benefits of going earlier.

Anna Cole, Pristine Sistine tour review

High quality guides

If you're planning on going into the Colosseum, consider springing for a guided tour that allows you to skip the line. We like Walks of Italy for their high quality guides and service.

Andy Steves, The Huffington Post