Capri Day Trip: A Self-Guided Tour of Capri’s Nature

Capri is well known in international pop culture as a glitzy, star-studded destination. And for good reason. The island is packed with luxury shops and boasts three different Michelin-starred restaurants. It’s impossible to overlook, though, the stunning natural beauty of the island. 

This day trip itinerary will (for the most part) skip the man-made glamor to take you on a tour of the island’s natural panoramas. A pair of comfortable walking shoes and lots of sunscreen are recommended. Andiamo!

View point in Capri from a hiking route.
Get ready for this Capri day trip where you’ll explore the beauty of the island. Photo credit: Giulia Squillace

Getting to Capri

If you’re getting to Capri from Naples, there are three ferry companies called NLG, SNAV, and Caremar. The fast ferries leave from Molo Beverello and take about 50 minutes, and the slow ferries take about 80 minutes and leave from nearby Porta di Massa. 

Ferries also run from the ports of Sorrento and Positano. For this itinerary, we recommend that you arrive in Capri early to be able to enjoy a full day on the island.

A group of people taking the ferry to Capri.
Sit back and relax taking in the views as you arrive at Capri. Photo credit: Mihaela Claudia Puscas

Arrival and breakfast in Capri

Pulling into the colorful, bustling port of Capri, the first thing you need to find is the funicular (funicolare) station to get up to the main town. One way tickets are available at affordable prices. If you’re craving a workout, you can do it on foot. (It’s just under a kilometer, but it’s literally all stairs.)

Once you get up the hill, you’ll be right near the main piazza of Capri, affectionately called la Piazzetta. Go past the tourist traps in the piazza to grab a coffee and pastry at the tiny Caffè Manari (Via Madonna Delle Grazie, 18). Once you’ve had your fill, make your way to the intersection of Via Matermania and Via Croce to start the hike of Via Pizzolungo.

friends enjoying coffee and pastries together in a bar
Fuel up with some coffee and pastries before continuing on.

Arco Naturale, Faraglioni, and Via Pizzolungo

Fan of hiking? Capri has some remarkable trails that will take you around the island or up the mountain Monte Solaro. 

Via Pizzolungo is a must-do moderate level hike that takes between 2 and 3 hours:  

  • The path is paved, but there are stairs.
  •  Start the hike by following Via Matermania until you start seeing signs for the Natural Arch (Arco Naturale).

Capri is famous for two different rock formations—a towering natural arch, and a group of massive rocks called the faraglioni. The first one you’ll see on the hike is the Arco Naturale. It dates back to the paleolithic age when a grotto collapsed and left behind its rocky skeleton. 

After spending some time there, head back up to the main path. The main path snakes around the island and gives you a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous, sparkling water. The next lookout point, or belvedere, gives you a view of the second set of rock formations, the faraglioni

There are three faraglioni, all with different names—faraglione di Terra, faraglione di Mezzo, and faraglione di Fuori

  • Two of them are completely detached from Capri, forming a mini island off the island. 
  • These two isolated faraglioni are home to a subspecies of aquamarine blue lizard called the lucertola azzurra that only exists on those rocks.
View from Arco Naturale in Capri, Italy.
This route offers impeccable views and is a great way to get to know the island. Photo credit: Will Truettner

Lunch and getting to Anacapri

Once you follow Via Pizzolungo to its end, you’ll find yourself back in the main area of Capri…and you’re probably hungry. It’s hard to eat on a budget in Capri, but Salumeria Capri Verde (Via Roma, 30) has great big panini that you can customize and have made on the spot.

If you’re looking for a sit down meal, head to Ristorante Panorama Capri. We don’t recommend getting pizza in Capri because, well, you just can’t beat pizza in Naples

Capri is known for fresh pasta dishes like: 

  • Ravioli alla caprese: Fresh ravioli stuffed with cheese in a flavorful tomato sauce. 
  • Fresh fish: Either grilled or cooked in a pan with tomatoes (called all’acqua pazza). 
  • Ristorante Panorama Capri: Has a wonderfully romantic feel with a terrace overlooking the sea.

Alternatively, take the bus from Piazza Martiri d’Ungheria to Anacapri, about a 15 minute ride. Anacapri is the laid-back, casual sibling of Capri center. 

For a sit down lunch head to: 

  • Sciuè Sciuè (Via Giuseppe Orlandi, 73) for their homemade ravioli alla caprese or scialatielli alla nerano (a creamy sauce of fried zucchini, cheese, and basil). Don’t forget the limoncello afterwards. 
  • For a DIY panino, go to Salumeria Meo (Via Giuseppe Orlandi, 253).
people eating plates of pasta and drinking wine
Capri has plenty of local cuisine you’ll enjoy trying.

Monte Solaro Chairlift

Monte Solaro stretches 1932ft (589m) up from the sea, and has quite possibly the most breathtaking view of Capri and the Sorrentine Peninsula you’ll ever see. If you’re an expert hiker, there’s a hiking trail that starts at Piazza Vittoria, but the majority of people choose to use the chairlift.

The chairlift is made up of single chairs that take you on a 13 minute ride up the mountain. It’s an exciting ride. Make sure to check the opening hours on the website, because closing times vary by season. 

Round trip or one-way tickets are available if you want to do the trail back down (which takes 45-60 minutes). There’s a small cafè at the top of the mountain, but it’s mostly a flat expanse from which you can admire the 360 degree view.

People riding the Monte Solaro Chairlift in Capri, Italy.
Take a lift on the Monte Solaro Chairlift and enjoy the views. Photo credit: Mark

Marina Grande

To get back to the port, you’ll need to take the bus from Anacapri back to Capri. You can either take the bus directly back to the port, or take it to the uphill town square and walk downhill to the port. 

If you have time before your return ferry, grab a drink or snack from Cucurullo Aldo (Via Cristoforo Colombo, 26) and relax on the pebbly beach of Marina Grande. It’s always crowded in the warmer months, but it’s a nice way to end the day near the water.

This day trip itinerary takes you up, down, and around the glorious island of Capri all in one day. By using this guide you can avoid all the worst tourist traps and enjoy the island’s natural beauty. After getting back to your original destination, make sure to grab a nice big Aperol spritz to pat yourself on the back.

View of Capri, Italy from the ocean. People walking around and boats waiting in the harbor.
Capri is the perfect day trip adventure. Photo credit: Ellena McGuinness
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