6 Luggage Storage Options in San Francisco to Travel Hands-Free

Let’s face it: nobody enjoys dealing with baggage, especially when it means lugging your belongings around while trying to savor some quality time in a new city. We can all agree that babysitting your luggage until it’s time to check into your accommodation—or a flight home—is not a fun way to start or end a vacation.

If you’re traveling to San Francisco and concerned about luggage storage, worry not. Whether you’re not staying at a hotel with the option to leave your bags with the staff or need storage before or after check-in, we have several solutions for you.

Read along for our top choices when it comes to luggage storage San Francisco that will make your travels a whole lot easier and comfortable.

girl walking with luggage
Luggage storage San Francisco won’t be a stressor with our handy list of places you can leave your stuff. Photo credit: Aykut Aktaş

“Share economy” luggage storage services in San Francisco

Several web-based short-term luggage storage services operate in San Francisco. As part of the new “share economy,” these companies partner with established businesses like hotels, UPS and FedEx locations, restaurants and cafes to safely store luggage. These businesses have a dedicated room, not accessible to the general public, where they can securely store your luggage.

How it works →

  • All storage services require online booking and payment before you drop your luggage off at the local storage site. When choosing the drop-off location, check their hours of operation to see if they fit your schedule.
  • After booking, head to the location to drop off your luggage and be prepared to show proof of booking and identification. You’ll also need these when claiming your luggage, so make sure to keep them safe.
  • There are no limits on luggage size and weight as long as your items fit into the location’s storage room. Storage services offer insurance against damage and loss. Some services include coverage in their flat rate, while others offer coverage for an additional fee.

As with any big city, make sure you know where to stay in San Francisco, and look for a luggage storage location in your neighborhood.

Person carrying two heavy suitcases
Leave your luggage in a safe place and enjoy your holidays. Photo credits: Keith Pitts


If you’re comparing luggage storage services in San Francisco, you’ll see Bounce has the most locations, with 60+ located around the city. There’s a good chance one of their locations will be convenient for when you want to explore without luggage in tow.

Bounce’s daily flat rate per bag covers all sizes and weights. For an additional fee per bag, you can receive a BounceShield protection plan against theft, fire, or other unanticipated events.

A tour guide chats with a group of guests in San Francisco's Telegraph Hill neighborhood.
Drop your bags at one of San Francisco’s numerous luggage facilities and explore the city hassle-free.

Luggage Hero

At Luggage Hero‘s 20 luggage storage locations around San Francisco, you only pay for the time your bags are stored. You can pay per hour or a flat rate for a full day.

When you arrive at the storage location, start the Luggage Hero storage timer on their website or app and stop the timer when you pick up your items.

San Francisco chinatown guide crosses street while explaining to tour guests what they are seeing
Choose a luggage storage option in San Francisco where you can pay per hour and you can leave your bags at each neighborhood you visit.

Radical Storage

Radical Storage has about 11 luggage storage locations in prime spots around San Francisco. You can pay a cheaper daily rate to store a bag with their service and choose to opt in for insurance coverage. 

If you book with them through their app, you will also receive a free digital guided tour of the city. The tipping option at check out makes it easy to show appreciation to the local business for their luggage services.

Long San Francisco street in Chinatown
Do you really feel like walking around San Francisco with your luggage? Photo credit: Karam Alani


There are about nine Nannybag locations to choose from across San Francisco. When you drop your luggage at a storage site, they’ll attach a security seal to identify it with a unique number. You’ll receive a stub to identify you as the owner for when you reclaim your bags. Cancellations can be made up to the time of your reservation at no charge.

People walking around Powell-Hyde Line Cable Car in San Francisco.
Navigate the city like a local, leaving all your luggage safe at a location nearby. Photo credit: Mo Eid

Luggage shipment and delivery services to San Francisco

Another convenient option is to have your bags delivered straight to your accommodation. Consider shipping your luggage a week before your planned arrival date to the address you’ll be staying at. Or arrange for a luggage delivery service to pick up your bags from the airport on your arrival and take them on the last leg of your journey.

Plane with luggage options, San Francisco
Forget about your luggage from the moment you fly, knowing it’ll be there for without you having to carry it. Photo credit: nrd

Bags VIP Luggage Delivery

When your flight arrives at San Francisco International Airport or another local airport, the Bags VIP Luggage Delivery service can pick up your checked bags from the luggage claim and deliver them to your destination lodgings. This way you can hit the ground on your list of things to do in San Francisco.

Bags VIP will drop your luggage off at your hotel within four to six hours, leaving them with a hotel agent for safekeeping until you arrive. If you’ll be staying at a residential address, schedule a time with Bags VIP to deliver when someone is available to receive your luggage.

The process is simple: check if your airport is on the list of the 250 domestic US airports’ Bags VIP offers their services in. Schedule the pick-up service at least one hour before your flight departure and have your airline confirmation code and delivery address available.

Person packing luggage
Pack as much as you want and forget about it with these luggage storage options in San Francisco. Photo credit: Vlada Karpovich


Lugless allows you to travel without any suitcases at all. Skip taking luggage to the airport, paying airline baggage fees, and dealing with bag logistics when you arrive at your destination. Just get on the airplane and go.

Using Lugless takes a little pre-trip prep because you’ll need to ship your bags about one week before your trip. Drop your luggage at a participating FedEx Office or UPS Store for shipping. The service is ideal for sending bulky sporting equipment ahead, like golf clubs, skis, or snowboards.

Schedule delivery to your destination hotel, residential address, or have your luggage held at a local FedEx or UPS location for pick up when you arrive. Fees fluctuate, and  optional insurance and guarantee coverage plans are available for an additional fee.

luggage store options in San Francisco include a full service
With some of these alternatives, others will take care of your luggage from the moment you leave your house. Photo credits: Pavel Danilyuk
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