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Did you know you can do all of these things by availing of your customer profile? Just request a password and log in to see more details about your tour or, in case plans change, to request a cancellation and refund (free up to 72 hour before your tour).

Call Customer Service

The best way to reach us for non-urgent matters us is by email: [email protected]

Our team will try to get back to you within 24 hours. Or you can speak to a member of our customer service team by calling the numbers below:

From the US (toll-free): +1-888-683-8670

From the UK: +44-845-591-6256

International: +1-202-684-6916

Problems While Travelling

If you have a problem with your tour or finding a location, you can get in touch with our local teams (office hours are in local time):


+1-888-683-8670 (toll-free)

United Kingdom