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Hannah C.

Guide & Foodie

I'm from Belfast originally and came to Dublin to study at the famous Trinity College Dublin, where I met my partner Phil and have stayed here ever since!

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Being born and from Northern Ireland originally, I encourage my guests to ask me about it so that I can give them a balanced and more personal telling.

About Me

Q. What inspired you to become a guide?

A friend of mine was guiding in the Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast and they were looking for extra guides to do "Paranormal Tours" of the prison over Halloween. A keen interest in all things spooky, I decided to do the job. Once I started guiding, I realised I absolutely loved it. I secured a job leading food tours in Dublin and fell in love all over again. It's just one of the best jobs out there!

Q. What do you love most about Dublin?

Just how much the Irish culture feeds into our tours on a daily basis! It's so infectious! Also just sharing the VAST history of Ireland and how you can see it through our architecture, from the medieval Viking walls to the grand Georgian townhouses and mansions, and everything in between!

Q. What's your favorite story to tell on tour?

Oh that is a hard one! So many great stories, but I do like sitting down with my guests and explaining Northern Ireland to them! Being born and from there originally, I encourage my guests to ask me about it so that I can give them a balanced and more personal telling of it. I always find it amusing, when I see the confused looks on peoples faces when I mention I'm from a "mixed marriage"… which in Northern Ireland is Catholics and Protestants! But I do always prefix it with "If we want to talk about Northern Ireland… let's get a drink in front of us first!"

fun facts

Fun Facts

  • I love to travel. What tour guide doesn't?!

  • I try to regularly swim in the sea, which in Ireland is freezing!

  • I run a theatre company back up Belfast.

My Insider Tips for Dublin

Q. What's the best time to visit Dublin?

May! Better chance of the rare Irish sunshine. It does happen…I promise!

Q. What do you tell your visiting friends to see in Dublin?

I try to give them the more hidden gems advice—some of the lesser known sites or things to do. The Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship is often over looked and is a brilliant tour.

Q. What about the culture in Dublin should people not miss?

Surprise, surprise…the pub culture is definitely up there, especially if you head to the more local spots. But also, there's really good theatre/arts scene in Dublin.

Q. What are your favorite foods in Dublin?

Some of my favorite bites include Boxty fries in Boxty House in Temple Bar and the truffle BLT in the Cheeky Piglet.

To drink, I love Dingle Gin with tonic, Smithwicks Red Ale (ask for a Guinness Head on it!), and bottled Guinness. Yes, bottled Guinness is delicious and very different from the draught everyone knows. I drink it room temperature, which is very rare these days, but most enjoy it out of the fridge.

And finally for the sweet tooth, Murphy's Ice Cream. My two recommended flavours are their Gin ice cream and a scoop of the Irish Brown Bread ice cream. Trust me, I'm a tour guide!

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