Authentic Italian Greenwich Village Food Tour & Tastings

3 hours

Max 15

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Take a bite of New York as you stroll through one of its most beautiful and historic neighborhoods and learn about the immigrant communities that shaped its cuisine. Don't forget to taste a few dishes, as well. From pasta and arancini, to pizza, eggplant parmigiana, and more: Bring an appetite and an open mind, on our Greenwich Village Food Tour, we'll take care of the rest.

Guides have to eat too: Chowing down in NYC Taste one of the best pizzas in NYC John's Pizzeria serves one of the best slices in NYC Tasting Faicco's famous 'arancini' rice balls on our Greenwich Village Food Tour Tasting the best Italian cold cuts (and learning why they're best) Cold cuts - a staple of Italian cuisine Tasting balsamic vinegars on our Greenwich Village Food Tour Balsamic vinegar - you get what you pay for (and we have the good stuff) Faicco's famous 'arancini' are a revelation One of our favourite spots in Greenwich Village See how the sausage gets made - literally Sit down for lunch at one of our favorite Italian restaurants Explore the streets of Greenwich Village, New York's historic Italian neighborhood Discover the hidden secrets of New York's Italian grandmas Learn how to shop for the best Italian produce in NYC and when you get home Olive oil - you wouldn't believe how regional a single-ingredient food can be Some of NY's finest meats Your tour starts at historic Washington Square Park Our local guides aren't just knowledgeable, they're passionate and fun! Explore with a local foodie on our Greenwich Village Food Tour
  • Sites Visited
  • One local restaurant
  • Pizzeria
  • Authentic Italian deli
  • Trendy new gelato store
  • Multiple other Italian eateries
  • Tour Includes
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Cold Cuts
  • Olive Oil Tasting
  • Gelato
  • All other food tastings

Take Walks: Take a fork - you're about to eat some of the best Italian food in NYC.

Throughout history, Greenwich Village has been key to the development of New York's food culture; and no ethnic group is as central to this picturesque neighborhood as the Italians. On our Greenwich Village Food Tour you'll immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine, and history of Italian immigrants in NYC for a food tour like none other.

The itinerary for this tour changes according to what's in season and the day of the week, but it's all based around neighborhood institutions. We always stop by John's of Bleeker Street for the perfect New York slice of pizza and the family-run deli, Faicco's for their world-famous arancini. There is also always a stop for fresh pasta and olive oil tastings. But after that, it depends on the day and what's on offer. One way or another, you only sit down for one meal. The rest of the time you're eating on the go, just like a real New Yorker.

As you walk and eat, your guide (a local foodie) will tell you the story of how a small neighborhood in America came to have some of the best Italian food outside of Italy. You'll hear how the grandprents of people still living in the neighborhood escaped war and poverty in Europe to come to this country, bringing their culinary cultures with them.

The property values might have gone up since they arrived, but plenty of what those original immigrants brought with them remains in the area and our small group Greenwich Village Food Tour is all about soaking it up - usually with a crust of bread.


234 Verified Reviews

Everything was great!

The pacing of the walk was just right; we loved the stops for the food chosen for the tour. Also enjoyed the olive oil and balsamic vinegar tastings. The restaurants on this tour were terrific: would come back to try them out more fully. Our guide was very personable and knowledgeable. She's a great cultural ambassador for New York City and represents the best of the American cultural mosaic. Would recommend this walk to friends.

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and the food delicious!

Our guide was knowledgeable, interesting, and friendly. We learned about food from different regions of Italy as well as enjoyed tastings of several olive oils and balsamic vinegar.


Does this tour run in bad weather?
Yes. Our tours run rain, shine, sleet, or snow, so please dress accordingly.
Is this tour suited to people with food allergies of special diets?
Our Greenwich Food Tour can be tailored to suit most dietary requirements so long as you tell us far enough in advance. If you cannot consume any food that contains gluten, we will be happy to substitute other foods but you will miss a lot of the dishes that form the backbone of this tour and we will not be able to substitute anything for the pizza. Regardless of what your requirements might be, please contact us after you book book the tour and we will do our best to adapt it to your needs.
How much do you eat on this tour?
We recommend a very light breakfast before this tour because you will be eating a lot. This is, after all, an Italian food tour, and we take pride in filling you up.