Welcome to Paris Walking Tour with Notre Dame and Petanque

2 hrs 30 mins

Max 15

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Don't just visit Paris, really get to know its culture and history on this wonderful introductory tour. Not only will you explore some of the city's most vibrant neighborhoods, you'll soak in beautiful views, get restaurant and sightseeing recommendations, and learn how to play the quintessential French game of petanque.

Every stone of Paris has a story to tell, you just need a good guide to interpret them for you. The tour runs at a leisurely pace so you can soak up the atmosphere. Our guides love showing off their cities to visitors. You can't take a Paris walking tour without swinging by Notre Dame. Pointing out details that you might otherwise miss. The balconies of Paris are one of the most characteristic parts of the city. There is always something else to see in the streets of Paris. The streets of Paris are bustling with life in the evenings. The arcades of Paris are the stars of any Paris walking tour. A typical Parisian arcade. There is nothing quite like the golden hour on the Seine. The facade of Notre Dame is one of the most iconic sights in Central Paris. IM Pei's pyramid at the Louvre Museum Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, 75001 Paris, France
  • Sites Visited
  • Place Colette
  • Palais Royal
  • Louvre courtyards
  • Passerelle du Pont des Arts
  • Seine banks
  • Pont Neuf bridge
  • Ile de la Cité
  • Place Dauphine
  • Conciergerie
  • Sainte Chapelle
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Tour Includes
  • Seine cruise tickets
  • Game of petanque
  • Local tour guide
  • Small groups of 15 or fewer

Take a walk with a local (and learn to play petanque!) in the most lovely plazas of Paris.

Get to know Paris in the best way possible - with a local guide to show you around some of the city's most popular and historic sights and attractions.

Your Paris walking tour starts in Place Colette, one of the most elegant plazas in the city. Most other tours miss it, but it's a local favorite so we want you to experience it.

Your next stop is the Jardins du Palais Royal which have long been one of the main public gathering points in the city. From revolutionary protests to Sunday afternoon picnics, these lovely gardens are an integral part of Parisian life and also the front yard for the Palais Royal. This ancient royal residence hosts one of the most controversial public art instalations in Paris, which you'll get to see as your guide gives you the fascinating history of the buidling. Then you'll go next door to admire another much maligned work: I.M. Pei's great glass pyramid that functions as the entrance to the Louvre. Your guide will tell you the story of how the Louvre went from being another royal redoubt to Paris' most famous art gallery, but not without a fair amount of drama along the way.

Then you'll head down to the Seine to step onto Paris' most romantic bridge and learn why the Parisian government decided to make it a little less romantic. Your guide will also pull out a map and, using the great views from the bridge, help you orient yourself on Paris' famous escargot city plan, so you'll know your way around for the rest of your trip.

Crossing the Seine via the Pont Neuf, you'll learn the sexy story of the famous statue that crowns one end and also get a little present: Seine river cruise tickets that embark from this point. We won't hop on the boat just yet, though, there is a game to be played. The square of the Place Dauphine is the perfect setting to learn the rules of France's national pastime, petanque. You'll throw a few balls (try to beat your guide, if you dare), but don't get too competitive, there are a few highlights left to come.

You'll stroll south down the Ile de la Cité and learn how the entire city grew outward from this one tiny island. In the heart of medieval Paris, you'll see lovely old buildings like the Conciergerie, which was once France's most feared prison, then head down a few more winding streets and to find yourself in front of Notre Dame. As you stand on the point considered the exact geographic center of France, you'll learn the epic story of one of Europe's greatest Gothic cathedrals as well as the immense changes that have taken place in the city since it was built.

Your tour will fly by, but the knowledge of Paris' history and culture will inform your entire stay and set you up to enjoy the city to fullest.


38 Verified Reviews

The tour was very interesting!

We especially enjoyed the walks around Ile de la Cite and Ile de St Louis, which are very charming neighborhoods. And of course, the macaron was wonderful, so many flavors to choose from! Our guide was personable, experienced and knowledgeable. She made the entire experience enjoyable, from her compassion for the tourists, to her sense of humor, to her willingness to provide additional information. I am glad I had the experience of spending time with her.

This was an incredible tour!

Our guide fantastic guide. She had a wealth of knowledge about Paris and its history, as well as some great tips on good places to see and to eat. I highly recommend this tour. Our daughter, who is eight, enjoyed the tour as well. The guide made it interesting for all ages!


I have food allergies. Can I eat the free macaron on this tour?
Traditionally, macarons are made with almond meal, which makes them gluten free. However, they are often flavored with ingredients that may contain gluten, so to be on the safe side we do not recommend them for celiacs. Obviously, because of the almond flour, they are completely unsuitable for those with nut allergies.

The Perfect Guide, Every Time

We take care to assign our guides to the perfect tour for their particular skill set; so you’ll always have the perfect companion for your experience. Here are a few of the guides that regularly lead this tour.



Delphine is a proud mother of two who has lived in Paris for most of her life and been guiding for 16 years.



Lavanya grew up in Chicago and came to France to pursue her Masters Degree. Her work as a guide complements her studies in interesting and unexpected ways.