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Great experience and a great guide.

Loved this tour! The meeting place was a little hard to find, but we eventually met up with the guide. The guides were very knowledgeable and the size of the group was perfect. I would definitely recommend this tour to visitors visiting Rome.

The Nighttime tour of the Colosseum was amazing and I highly recommend it.

The Walks guide (Mauro) who led us around town before the Colosseum was superb. The archaeologist once in the C, however, was not. She was hard to understand, didn't speak much about the interesting history of the building and instead focused overmuch on the lift system and the Jerusalem mural presentation, which was not very interesting and I daresay, was also not what most of us had come to see. We felt that Mauro would have done amuch better job (he's written books on the Colosseum!) but apparently that is not an option since the authorities have control over who leads tours in the C. Just be aware that if you love your Walks guide (as we did), he/she may not be leading the group in the structure itself, which is a shame.

Kylie is a fantastic guide. The tour was well constructed and any questions we had were brilliantly answered with facts and humor. Very informative and enjoyable.

Phenomenal your! Worth waiting for the evening.

Absolutely the best. The tour was organized, beautiful, and both guides were very knowledgeable, friendly with good English.

A very novel concept and we were the only group in the Colosseum after closing - which, when you compare it to the crowds during the day, makes the tour very special! Our first guide, Mikaela, was engaging, witty and interesting with lots of energy and a great ability to hold the crowd and keep everyone interested. Our guide within the Colosseum, Gianluca, was unfortunately not as engaging as Mikaela - he was clearly very knowledgeable, but lost the interest of the group pretty early on - it was a little like attending a lecture.

If the event hadn't started later than it was supposed to, then that would have been amazing. It basically gave us no choice but to go with the delayed time because otherwise we wouldn't have had another chance to see the Colosseum. As a result, it ended later for an already quite late tour so it was just tiring for us.

excellent organized tour. Would highly recommend.