Reviews: VIP Colosseum Underground Tour with Roman Forum & Palatine Hill


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Tour guide Elena was very professional and knowledgeable. Only minor issue is she can be easy to lose sight of particularly in the crowds. Perhaps use one of those flags tour guides commonly carry, or colour of clothing that stands out more in the crowd?

Great tour and phenomenal guide. Only one small item- please ensure that the earphones are all fully functional. My daughter's earpiece had a problem, the plastic piece that hooks over the ear was very loose and it caused her to constantly adjust it. That said, we didn't mention the problem to the guide and my daughter could usually hear him well enough without the earpiece in. I'm not truly complaining, just providing a suggestion to help future guests.

Marco was a fantastic guide. Full of knowledge and detail, but presented in a way that was very light and humorous.

Vincenzo was a fabulous tour guide! ***** five stars! I read about the colosseum before the trip but learned so much more! Excellent! I’m so glad I worked directly through you all to plan the day instead of using a middle-man set-up. Fabulous tour!