Reviews: St. Peter’s Basilica from Top to Bottom with Dome Climb & Crypt


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This was a fantastic tour. The climb up to the top of St Peter’s dome is not to be missed. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, her English was excellent, and she had a great sense of humor. Highly recommend!!

Our tour started very early (7:45) and that turned out to be a great advantage since the process of getting through security and up to the Dome was less crowded at that time. The view from there is very worthwhile, and if you take the elevator for the first part of the ascent, there are "only" just over 300 steps to the top! The Basilica and Crypts tour was very good as well, with some of the artwork, sculpture and structural elements of the building well explained. Our guide, Stephanie spoke clearly, was very knowledgeable, and paced the walking and information well.

Visiting St Peter's is kind-of a thing you have to do in Rome... but this tour made it fun and really interesting. Our tour guide was Stephanie and she had a relaxed and upbeat demeanor, and included lots of little interesting tid-bits in addition to the basic information about the Basilica. For example, have you ever wondered why the Baby Jesus depicted in various versions of "The Pieta" look so old? Or why you can't see the dome from the entrance facade of the Church? These little extras will be different with each guide, but you are bound to learn a lot about St. Pete's when you go on this tour.

We had an amazing tour of Saint Peters basilica including a climb to the top of the dome. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and lovely. We would definitely book again!

My husband and I took the St Peter’s Top to Bottom tour. Our tour guide, Julia, was absolutely fantastic. We learned so much, but her presentation was so interesting and fun that we never felt like we were listening to a lecture. We saw many things that I would not have even noticed without the tour. The climb to the top of the dome was totally worth it. You walk up about 320 stairs, but it really didn’t feel like that many. It seemed like we were suddenly at the top. We did this tour on a different day than the Vatican Museums, and thought it was nice to spread it out over a couple days. The crowds are huge, so getting there early with a minimal line is certainly great. We were there in late October during a summery period, and the climb was okay. I would not want to do it in very hot weather. After the tour, Julia recommended a restaurant in Trastevere, and it was one of our best meals ever!

Superb tour with an excellent tour guide.

It was an excellent experience. Really appreciated the early morning tour, therefore avoided the crowd! ?

Our guide Amber was great! She was very engaging, informative and helpful. She made sure that the group was together and that everyone was alright with the climb, and the pace of the tour was just right. We had a great time! Thank you!

Great tour. Paolo was fabulous.

Great tour. Guide was very knowledgeable. The dome itself doesn’t really have much to see except the view above.