Reviews: Vatican Museums Night Tour with Sistine Chapel


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Emanuela was an awesome guide!

Exceptional tour and guide. Our guide was especially attentive to my husband's mobility issue and accommodated it without disruption. THANK YOU!

Sev was the whole package, he was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, respectful and had a great sense of humor. The top highlight of our visit to Rome.

I took the 4-hour Pristine Sistine walk, guided by Sev. It was an amazing experience and Sev was an amazing guide. He clearly is an expert in art, art history, and history of church and state; he has incredible language skills, shifting effortlessly between English and Italian and takes time where appropriate to make connections with Latin. His direction of the group was spot on, helping us to know where to be in advance, what to focus on while giving us the broader context and connecting back to previous things we had seen, and maintaining connectedness with those on the tour as if we were the only ones in the Vatican. Amongst all the interesting information, he injected a lot of humor and wit, which really helped me stay tuned-in when sometimes my mind can wander. The 4 hours went by very quickly and I learned so much - thanks Walks!

Please continue these after social distancing disappears!

I loved this tour way back when. I took it again. :) Just not at night.