Reviews: Vatican Highlights Tour with St. Peter’s Dome Climb


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I cannot say enough to express the deep gratitude my family and I have for Professor Sev. What a stroke of luck to get the privilege of having him educate us during his inspired tour. It was the absolute highlight of our trip to Italy. As we walked away after our goodbyes, most of us had tears in our eyes-knowing that we had just been in the presence of a true teacher. My dad still talks about Sev, and the gift we had of learning from him. My 10 year old is still quoting some of his material...;-) We’d be grateful if he could know how much his time with us meant to our family. “California”, he called us. Thank you for a memorable and profound experience. One we will carry with us as a prized memory.

Other than the throngs of people which you can't control, the tour was excellent.

Was a very pleasant last day in Rome before i left back to Australia. I would definetly recommend anyone to visit the Vatican. Especially St Pauls Cathedral at the end.. Just spectacular!

Excellent tour and tour guide!

Very nice and interesting guide!

Giulia gave some interesting information about the artworks, so I wasn’t just looking at them and I knew the story behind them.

Great guide, friendly & knowledable.

This guided tour was brilliant in every way and will be doing more of these next time I am in Italy. Well worthwhile.