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Walks of Italy went above and beyond. We showed up on the wrong day for our tour and I was really upset that I had screwed up the dates, as we were really looking forward to the tour and were leaving Italy the next day. Everyone associated with the tour was great, providing options and ultimately we were able to go on the tour. The tour was very good - I highly recommend it for anyone going. We were able to learn a lot about the palace and life in Venice while removed from a lot of the crowds!

Our guide arrived early as did we, to our meeting location. She held a small sign & even walk outside of the Corer Museum patio to be seen & look for those that may have gotten misdirected. She greeted me & my small group & introduced herself and chatted about the what, where & how's of this tour & Venice in general.She was very warm & personable.She spoke loud & clear throughout the tour.She made sure we walked at a pace conducive for the group to view what she pointed out & then she moved on. She expertly navigated our group through Doge's Palace & St Marks thru all the other touring groups & waited for the slow lookers if necessary. She was very detailed & knowledgeable on all things Doge's Palce & St Mark Cathedral. We were shocked 2 learn that the reason behind the top of gondolas being taken off was the inability to sail under Venice bridges. Also, how quickly Venices military boats could be constructed & ready for battle. Which proved Venice a formidable foe for quite some time. All the Best [email protected] Travel (Agent) Tiarra, Denise & Sheila St. Louis,Missouri USA

Our tour guide was fun, wonderful, and so informative!

Excellent experience and the guide was lovely, funny and knew her stuff. We are so glad we booked our tours through Walks. Loved it!

What a wonderful way to learn about the Doge's Palace and St. Mark's Basilica. Not only did we get to see some portions of the palace that are not accessible to others but we received excellent recounting of the palace, its construction, operation, people as well as the information on the Basilica and its construction and interior appointments. Sabrina was exceptionally easy to understand and well-versed on these buildings. It certainly made our tour all that much better to have someone who could easily relay information and also be able to field questions as raised. Great, as well, to have priority admittance and to avoid the long lines. Totally happy with our experience.

Sue was phenomenal!