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Our tour Guide was the most knowledgable guide that I have come across in my 20 or so tours. His love for his city was apparent. I would highly recommend this night time tour at St Marks.

The San Marco Basilica night tour was outstanding. Our guide, Romy, was very knowledgeable and provided lots of great insight without telling us too much. The group size was perfect and getting to see the basilica without all the crowds was a real treat.

The female Guide provided for the tour made this exquisite building seem as dull as a government office. Our group of 14 came away amazed - and not in a good way. She was not able to capture our attention at all. And, indeed, seemed confused herself. At one point, she had to (audibly) question herself as to whether she was heading into or out of the church. Our consensus was that the tour was an almost complete waste of money. The only good point was the lack of huge crowds; though we did spend quite a bit of our tour, standing, wasting time, while we waited for the previous groups to clear areas before we could proceed.

This is an amazing incredible basilica. Going after hours where you are not crowded and can stand and enjoy the space in a serene civilized environment is worth every penny. Our guide Not only gave us a lot of great information about Basilica, but a lot of historical information about Venice itself which provided great context for enjoying the rest of the sites in Venice.

Very good guide. I would highly recommend St Marks after dark. Great experience. The mosaic ceiling was magnificent!

Great Tour- to be in the Basilica in such a small group and being able to move around freely and spend quality time without being rushed was amazing. Our guide was very knowledgeable but also quite entertaining in his commentary. By far the best tour I’ve had in Venice.

As a very experienced traveler, I rarely book tours, but knowing how insane Venice can be in the summer, I booked this after-hours tour through San Marco. It is NOT to be missed. The full grandeur of the space is best enjoyed at night, and the tour provided ample time to simply sit in the nave and take it all in. Our guide (Martina) was fantastic. A small group. Just lovely.

The tour guide (Elena) was great. Very knowledgeable, informative and pleasant.

The tour of the Basilica at night is the best way to see and understand the history and significance of the building and its art and relics. This tour is a must if you are interested in seeing this magnificent church.

This tour is incredible and the tour guides are amazing. Seeing the cathedral at night is magical and not dealing with the crowds is well worth the money. I'm not a history buff but I was fascinated by what our guide was saying.