The 5 Best Antique Markets in London You’ll Love Exploring 

Apart from its traditional pull of famous landmarks and neighborhoods, what many may not know is that London is a hub for those with a penchant for antiquities.

Dating back to the Renaissance, in the 18th Century it became fashionable to decorate your house with exotic items making their way to London from the far corners of the empire. The remnants of this today are found in the many antique markets in London. 

So while you may not be able to bring home a cabinet or chest of drawers, if you fancy treating yourself to a one of a kind piece of jewelry or souvenir for someone special, (or you just love a bargain), we’ve got you covered. Read on for our picks for the best antique markets in London. 

People walking around searching the antiques markets in London on a sunny day.
Enjoy the day getting lost at the antique markets in London. Photo credit: Mieke Campbell

Portobello Market

Starting with London’s most well known, Portobello Market is a must, regardless of your interests. The excellent location, beautiful architecture, amazing food markets, and pubs, plus vintage and boutique shops make it appealing for all. But it also has the prestige of being the largest antiques market in the country. 

Here you’ll find vintage jewelry and trinkets, photography memorabilia and everything in between. Don’t forget to visit the many antique arcades that make up many of the shops along the way. If art is more your thing you also have your pick of galleries that line the top of the street. 

Being so large, it’s worth knowing that it is split into approximately four sections: 

  • So if you primarily want to take advantage of the vast array of antiques on show, start coming from Notting Hill Gate Station. 
  • From there you will pass its many colorful cottages (and George Orwell’s old house) and eventually reach the beginning of the antique market, on the corner of Portobello Road and Chepstow Villas. 

Our advice is to allow yourself to get lost in the splendor of being in one of the most recognizable parts of the city. Even if you don’t walk away with a bargain, you will be sure to have a great time at one of the best antique markets in London. 

Vintage cameras at Portobello vintage market in London.
You’re sure to discover amazing vintage finds at Portobello Market. Photo credit: Martin Pettitt


While Portobello has the fame of being the most well known antiques market, the largest indoor market is more of a hidden gem. This could be due to its location. Alfies is more off the beaten path, located in Lisson Grove between the more well known areas of Paddington and Marylebone.

The location adds more to its charm, as the beautiful art deco building in the middle of a more gritty part of the city makes it stand out. Founded in the 70’s, it initially took up one floor of a defunct department store, and has now turned into four floors and over 70 dealers specializing in everything from fashion to high-end collectable furniture. 

To add to its allure it also has another well kept secret: its charming rooftop cafe. 

If you want to feel like a real Londoner when sourcing something special, check out the treasure trove that is Alfies. 

Vintage collectibles found at an antiques markets in London.
You’ll find a range of interesting collectibles at these markets. Photo credit: Dan Atrill

Greenwich Vintage Market

While certainly not as big as the other antique markets in London, the Greenwich Vintage Market punches above its weight when it comes to making a day out of your passion for collecting. Located in a UNESCO heritage site, due to its rich cultural history, a visit to the quaint Greenwich Market makes it a treat for antique lovers and novices alike: 

  • To catch the trinkets, unique collectibles, and more that make up the market, make sure you come throughout the week when the antique dealers trade. 
  • If you also have a love of art, you’ll enjoy this market because the antique traders are also joined by art dealers on certain days.  
  • Be sure to check out their website for specifics!

Here you can discover an eclectic assortment of antique furniture, exquisite jewelry, vintage clothing, rare books, and more. If you start to feel hungry, the market is also famed for its amazing street food scene. So take full advantage while you are there.  

Woman searching for rare books at Greenwich market in London.
Antique markets aren’t just for trinkets and clothing, they’re for finding rare books too. Photo credit: Visit Greenwich

Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market

Found in one of the trendiest parts of the city, this two for one option is great for those who want to take in London’s more contemporary side. Starting with Spitalfields Market, they invite antique dealers to take part in the vast indoor market, which dates back to the 17th century. 

Given its history (the area has always been a part of London where different cultures have merged), it is no surprise that there are a range of things to be found here from stunning silver cutlery to vintage chinese ware.

A stones throw away is the happening area of Brick Lane. Famed more for its curries than antiques, it also houses Tea Rooms (Brick Lane, 146). Once a Beer vat house, you will find everything from the bizarre to the sublime. If you want to throw fashion into the mix you also have one of the best places to find special second hand pieces in their Vintage Market (Brick Lane, 85) nearby. 

Two people bartering at antiques markets in London.
How are your haggling skills? Test them out at Spitalfields Market. Photo credit: Barney Moss

Grays Antique Market

If you plan to stay central to get your antiques fix, you can’t do much better than Grays. Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, this market exudes sophistication and history. Housed in a beautiful Grade II listed building, over 100 dealers over two floors offer a diverse selection of exquisite antiques, vintage jewelry, and rare collectibles.

It is also the sister company of Alfies, another notable antique market on our list. The owner of the two, Bennie Gray is one of London’s primary antique mover and shakers and you can tell from the level of finds here. 

With its refined ambiance and knowledgeable dealers, Grays Antiques Market provides a sanctuary for enthusiasts, collectors, and those seeking a glimpse into the past. 

A Grade II building-Grays Antique Market-is a great antiques markets in London.
Imagine all the treasures you’ll find in this two-story shop. Photo credit: Derek Harper

Discover the best antique markets in London and more

Regardless of your taste, we’re confident that there is a hidden gem waiting to be found by you at least at one of the many antique markets in London. So be sure to include one in your itinerary. 

Also, exploring antique markets London is a perfect activity to do while spending 3 days in London (or really, any extended amount of time!).

Woman looking around at antiques at an antique market in London.
There’s plenty of hidden gems to find at these antique markets in London. Photo credit: Elena Jiang

If you’re a history lover, the cobbled streets in the capital are not only home to objects of a bygone era, but also pubs which have been witness to the many changes in the city. Why not get familiar with them by taking our Tastes, Tales & Traditional Ales tour?

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