Cool Places in London and Where to Find Them

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been to the city, there’s always something to discover. Cool places in London abound.

With its many landmarks, trendy areas and places of interest, you could strike a pin in a map of London and be no more than a few meters from something to take your breath away. But it is also big… very big.  

So, we thought why not explore this magnificent metropolis focusing on areas? Instead of traipsing into the center everyday from your affordable Airbnb, check out some of our best picks in areas close to you.

London is a city of many centers, and this guide will help you save time and money while finding unforgettable hidden gems in the Big Smoke.  

Cool places in London, city street
In a city as massive as London, you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to save time and money. Photo credit: Mariana Alves

North London


An institution of tourism in the north of the city, the vibrant and eclectic area of Camden has been wowing visitors and locals for years. 

Known for its alternative fashion, art, and music scene, you will find unique shops, street food stalls, and live performances just in Camden Market alone. Other noteworthy venues include the Jazz Cafe, the famous Roundhouse, and KOKO if you want to get your dancing shoes on. 

Cool places in London, Camden
Bustling with life, Camden has been the cool neighborhood for decades. Photo credit: Z explorer

Hampstead Heath

Take a stroll through this treasure of a park, offering picturesque views of the city. For budding photographers, Parliament Hill is one of the best spots for a panoramic view of London’s skyline. 

London from Parliament Hill
Watch London’s skyline from Parliament Hill and enjoy the extraordinary mix of nature and city. Photo credit: Duncan H

Little Venice

Cradling the central section of North London we have the Regent’s Canal, a small postcard from the past of the booming trade back in the industrial age.

Today, you won’t find working docks and steam powered barges, but a route that passes though some of the most desirable parts of the city.  To take it all in you can take a boat trip along the canal for a unique perspective of the city. 

Of all the areas it passes through, however, our pick is Little Venice. A quaint mix of houseboats and waterside cafés, wandering though this enchanting canal is great way to pass a lazy afternoon, far from the madding crowds of the city center.

Cool places in London: Little Venice
What a way to pass the day, you’ll say. Photo credit: Julian Nyča

Alexandra Palace

Going north in the fullest sense of the word, another place you can enjoy stunning views of London is from Alexandra Palace.

This iconic venue hosts events, concerts, has a boating lake and a park you can enjoy for a leisurely day out. If you are coming in winter, then why not join the locals at their famous ice rink.  

Alexandra Palace in Alexandra Park
Alexandra Palace is a place in North London that will not leave you indifferent. Photo credit: Jim Linwood

Honorable mentions in North London

As you can see, there are plenty of cool places in North London that can show you different ways of enjoying and discovering the city.

If you have more time, you can research and discover even more great places in North London to visit when exploring this area of the city while saving time and money.

Make sure to add Kenwood House, Highgate Cemetery, The British Library, and Islington to your must-visit list.

Kenwood House in London
Enjoy an idyllic day in Kenwood House, or plan a route around North London. Photo credit: Federico Lovat

West London

Portobello Road Market

From its beautiful pastel-colored houses to its antique stalls and vintage clothing, it would be a crime to not begin with Portobello Market when talking about West London. It is one of the best antique markets in London, for sure.

The market is also located in fashionable and lively Notting Hill (if you’re visiting in the morning, these are the best breakfasts in Notting Hill). So, even if you are to venture out from this iconic street, you will be sure to find something of interest as you stroll through these beautiful London area.

Cool Places in London: Portobello Market
Walk the streets of Portobello for a day straight out of a romantic comedy. Photo credit: Bruno Martins

Kew Gardens

If a relaxing day surrounded by lush greenery, blooming flowers, and iconic glasshouses sounds up your street, then the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew is for you.

Steeped in over 250 years of history, this love letter to precious plant life is special, and certainly worth the trip out of the center. Don’t miss the treetop walkway for a unique perspective. 

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
There’s plenty to discover in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Photo credit: Dawn Sterry

Holland Park

West London is known for being greener than most of the city, and therefore it should be no surprise that another park is on our list. In Holland park, you can easily escape the hustle and bustle in its peaceful surroundings. A real gem is the Kyoto Garden, a Japanese-inspired garden complete with peacocks and a waterfall. 

Here you can also enjoy the Holland Park Opera, an outdoor opera venue found in this unique setting. Their annual summer festival showcases a range of opera productions. 

Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park
Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park are a great place to discover in West London. Photo credit: Tom Morris

Westfield London

Avoid the crowds of Oxford street and scratch your shopping itch by going to to Westfield. Located in White City (and Stratford, in east London), Westfield is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. With numerous shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, it’s a shopper’s paradise. 

Westfield Shopping center in London
Go to Westfield for a more relaxed and leisured opportunity to visit your favorite shops. Photo credit: Mike Peel

Honorable mentions in West London

West London has a vibe of its own: it’s green, it has shopping options, some of the happiest Londoners, and so much more. If you’re looking for more cool places in West London to spend your time in this part of the city, make sure to check Ealing Studios, Syon Park, Leighton House Museum, and the Science, Natural History, and V&A Museums.

Many cool places in London (including two of the best museums) are located in the west area of the city, so you may need to schedule some time to visit this area, or choose to stay around here, depending on the plans for your trip.

Dinosaur skeleton on display at London attractions for families museum.
The Natural History Museum is definitely a treat for adults and kids alike. Photo credit: Adam Mathieu

East London 

Brick Lane

If you are staying in East London, then you would really be amiss to not immerse yourself in the diverse culture of Brick Lane. And if you’re looking for where to eat in Brick Lane, there are plenty of amazing places to discover.

Known for its street art, vintage shops, and an array of Asian, and other international cuisines, it also has an amazing Sunday market that is a treasure trove for unique finds. 

Cool places in London: Brick Lane
Brick Lane is a cool place in London to find great things. Photo credit: Karl Holland

The O2

It’s technically south of the river, but nestled in the eastern part of the city. The O2 center has already become one of not just London, but also Europe’s primary concert venues.

Make sure to check what events coincide with the days of your visit. The O2 also boasts everything from shopping, restaurants, and bars, as well as stunning views of the Thames. 

The O2 arena
The O2 arena is a cool place in London to see great events, concerts, and more. Photo credit: From the North

Epping Forest

Escape to nature in Epping Forest, a vast ancient woodland on the outskirts of East London. The forest offers walking and cycling trails, which are perfect for a day of outdoor exploration. 

Epping Forest
No matter the season, Epping Forest will astonish you with its beauty. Photo credit: Martin Morris

Tower of London

This UNESCO World Heritage Site has a rich history dating back to 1066. Inside, you can discover the Crown Jewels, medieval architecture, and even get to meet its famous ravens and Beefeaters. 

It is definitely a visit that will teach you a lot about history, while transporting you in time.

Tower of London seen from the Shard
The Tower of London seen from the city’s tallest building. Make sure you schedule enough time for this visit. Photo credit: Duncan H

Honorable mentions in East London

As you can see, there are cool places in London everywhere you look. East London has plenty of amazing places that you really can’t miss if you’re want to know what’s in. If you’re looking for more ideas in East London, here are a few: Victoria Park, Young V&A, Shoreditch, Museum of the Home.

Cool places in London: Shoreditch
Watch out: you may end up feeling like in a movie around these cool places in London. Photo credit: Jwslubbock

South London

Borough Market

Nestling the famous Thames river, you can indulging a in a culinary adventure at Borough Market, one of London’s oldest food markets. It is one of the most popular street markets in the city. You will be able to sample a variety of international cuisines, artisanal products, and fresh produce.  

With so many stellar food options, it’s easy to not know where to start, at what is the epicenter of the London street food scene. Here you can find almost everything, if you know where to look. For this reason, our Ultimate London Food Tour of Borough Market and Southwark is an amazing way get the best of your time here. 

A group gathers to eat oysters at Richard Hawards in London
Borough Market can be overwhelming, but if you have insider guides, it’s much easier to navigate.


Greenwich is as historic as it is beautiful, so it’s no wonder it is one of south London’s most popular tourist hotspots. In such a small area you can literally choose your own adventure and tailor a unique experience without leaving the quaint “village” location.  

You can take a scenic walk in Greenwich Park, enjoy the stunning views of London. More curious minded? In the park, you can head straight to the Royal Observatory and learn about the Prime Meridian. Alternatively, take some time to get familiar with Greenwich Market, a lively place with stalls selling handmade crafts, vintage finds, and delicious street food. 

Greenwich Park in London
The London skyline from Greenwich Park is still one of our all-time favorites. Photo credit: bvi4092

Brixton Village

For all of us foodies, Brixton Village is a paradise. Hence why it’s one of the cool places in South London that you must visit.

Indulge in the diverse culinary scene of South London and discover the innovative geniuses working and living here. From Caribbean to Asian cuisine, the market offers a wide range of international flavors. 

Cool places in London: Brixton
Cute little spots are everywhere in Brixton Village. Photo credit: Kotomi

The Shard

Experience breathtaking views of London from The Shard, the tallest building in the city. Visit the observation deck and enjoy a drink at one of the sky-high bars. 

Cool places in London: The Shard
You can’t miss it, The Shard can be spotted from far away. Photo credit: Diego Delso

Honorable mentions in South London

Exploring South London, you’ll find places with delicious flavors, the tallest building in the city, and so much more. If you’re looking for more cool places in London, here are a few others that you can find in the south of the city: Battersea Power Station, Crystal Palace Park, The Horniman Museum, Maltby Street Market.  

Battersea Power Station is one of many cool places in London
This old power station has been transformed into a cultural and commercial hub. Photo credit: Michael Coppins

As you can see, each part of this wonderful city boasts its own unique charm. From the vibrant markets of East London to the sophistication of the West, the green havens of the North, and the eclectic energy of the South, London offers an array of experiences.  

Why not delve deeper into these rich narratives by embarking on one of our guided tours? Let our knowledgeable guides lead you through the hidden gems and iconic landmarks, transforming your visit into an unforgettable exploration of London’s multifaceted charm.  

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