The 14 Best San Francisco Bakeries: Bread, Pastries, and More

There’s a side of San Francisco for everyone: quirky San Francisco, Chinatown San Francisco, foodie San Francisco…the list goes on. And when it comes to the foodie side of things, discovering the best San Francisco bakeries is at the top of most people’s lists.

Here’s a list to fulfill your carb and butter cravings, featuring both classic and innovative San Francisco bakeries. Plus, these bakery gems are conveniently scattered throughout the city, ensuring there’s a top-notch option close by, no matter where you find yourself in town. Ready to explore?

Person holding a box of baked goods from a bakery in San Francisco.
San Francisco is home to some of the best bakeries. Photo credit: Parker Gibbons

Tartine Bakery

Closeup of sugared bun pastry that sits on top on a paper bag.
Tartine makes our list as one of the top bakeries in San Francisco for its cinnamon orange morning buns. Photo credit: Alexis Lamster

From the cinnamon-and-orange-zest-spiked morning buns to the sourdough country or buttermilk loaf, the pastries and bread at 20-something Tartine Bakery are all made with love—and a ton of skill. Which is why they’re so easy to wolf down. You may have to wait a while to get into any one of the three Tartine San Francisco locations, but you’ll be so happy you did.

Arsicault Bakery

When it won Bakery of the Year in Bon Appétit magazine in 2016, Arsicault Bakery catapulted into the spotlight. Its near-perfect croissant is what put the French bakery on the map. This flaky, buttery creation—along with the kouign-amann, pain au chocolat, and more—has locals and visitors coming in droves to both the Inner Richmond and Civic Center locations.

Closeup of croissant and coffee in the background.
Not all croissants are created equal. Photo credit: Amar Preciado

Neighbor Bakehouse

Zoomed in photo with focus on a powdered croissant and savory special of the day.
At Neighbor you can have the best of both worlds: sweet and savory. Photo credit: Sarah Davis

The pistachio berry twice-baked croissant, caramelized banana almond bostock, and passion fruit bun are just a few of the delicious creations on the menu at bright and airy Neighbor Bakehouse in the Dogpatch. Jonesing for a savory treat? Neighbor has that, too. Try the always-popular roasted mushroom tart, curry potato-stuffed bourek, or everything croissant.

Jane the Bakery

Closeup of sourdough bread.
Sourdough in San Francisco has a unique taste you won’t find anywhere else because of the foggy climate. Photo credit: Monika Grabkow

Jane the Bakery serves up a dizzying array of baked goods—from sweet and savory pastries to crusty loaves and hearty sandwiches. The Geary Street location pumps out a few dozen different varieties of bread daily, including tasty delights such as the chocolate cherry hazelnut sourdough, fig walnut, and three-cheese rosemary. Scones, cakes, cookies, and yes, even salads round out Jane’s diverse menu.

Arizmendi Bakery

Closeup of a parklet where there is a garden and people enjoying coffee in the background.
If you’re looking to people watch and soak up the atmosphere, check out the Sunset location’s parklet. Photo credit: Kathleen Corey

Worker-owned cooperative Arizmendi Bakery has cultivated a strong sense of community while producing some really fine fare. Besides key staples such as the wolverine roll (rustic sourdough with sour cherries, apricots, walnuts, and pecans), Arizmendi runs daily specials such as scones made with blueberries and blackberries and organic sourdough thin-crust pizza topped with homemade tomato sauce and basil pesto.

If you’re at The Sunset location, get your baked goods to go and climb the hidden mosaic staircase on Kirkham Street to get a breathtaking view of San Francisco (just one of the many great places to visit in San Francisco for free).

Jina Bakes

Among the many great bakeries in San Francisco, Jina Bakes in Japantown stands out for putting an Asian spin on classic French pastries. If you’ve got a good appetite, go for the galbijjim (spicy braised short rib) croissant. Then follow it up with the injeolmi (sweet rice cake) croissant or cream puff spiked with matcha, hojicha, or black sesame.

Closeup of a caramelized multi-layered pastry. Also known as a kouign-amann.
Kouign-amann originates from France. At Jina Bakes you can order the original or chocolate. Photo credit: Stijn Nieuwendijk

Acme Bread Company

Busy Ferry building in San Francisco.
Take a stroll around the Ferry building before grabbing a delicious pastry at Acme bakery. Photo credit: Christian Lambert

If you’re browsing the shops at the Ferry Building Marketplace, drop by Acme Bread Company to enjoy a medley of beautifully baked treats. From the sourdough round, cranberry walnut loaf, and green onion slab to the asparagus focaccia, apple tart, and sourdough cheese wheel, this San Francisco bakery—with roots at Chez Panisse in Berkeley—has something for everyone.

B. Patisserie

Closeup up french style cake.
A slice of cake from B. Patisserie pairs perfectly with their Black Sesame Latte. Photo credit: Kennejima

Located in Lower Pacific Heights, this San Francisco bakery boasts a spacious salon de thé where you can sit down and enjoy a few gorgeous pastries from two veterans of Michelin-starred restaurants. B. Patisserie gets rave reviews for its wide-ranging menu of kouign amann, croissants, cookies, cakes, and tartines (open-faced sandwiches topped with all the good things, like prosciutto and burrata).

Devil’s Teeth Baking Company

Closeup of breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, cheese, and tomato.
Start your day off right and grab a breakfast sandwich. Photo credit: Angele J.

Sink your teeth into the mouthwatering special breakfast sandwich at Devil’s Teeth Baking Company in the Outer Sunset. Made with the bakery’s excellent buttermilk biscuit, plus scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, avocado, and lemon-garlic aioli, it’s the kind of meal that will start your day off right. Oh yes, and the baked goods are amazing as well—in particular, the cinnamon roll, lemon bar, and seasonal scones.

Vive la Tarte

Freshly cooked sourdough BLT cut in half from one of San Francisco's best bakeries.
Nothing beats a BLT on two freshly baked slices of San Franciscan sourdough. Photo credit: Switching Lanes

Noe Valley can lay claim to one of the best bakeries in San Francisco: Vive la Tarte. Come with a group and order the pastry box featuring five items, from the crowd-pleasing orange-blossom and za’atar croissant to the turmeric monkeybread. If your cravings lean more savory, then go for the BLT sandwich on Vive la Tarte’s sourdough loaf.

Third Culture Bakery

Closeup of a glazed doughnut with pistachio.
San Francisco is home to many bakeries serving up donuts with a twist. Photo credit: Jason Leung

Sam Butarbutar and Wenter Shyu started Third Culture Bakery to showcase pastries from their childhood in Asia. This means ingredients such as matcha, ube (purple yam), coconut, and pandan leaves factor prominently in their deliciously dense and chewy mochi muffins and butter mochi donuts. Go for the mango passion fruit, yuzu, or guava cheesecake donuts at the pretty-in-pink Inner Sunset location.

Craftsman and Wolves

Man ordering baked goods from a cashier with a speckled mural behind him.
If you’re not in the Mission don’t worry, there are a few other locations throughout the city. Photo credit: Dale Cruse

Inventive eye candy, arranged in neat little rows, greets visitors when they enter Craftsman and Wolves’s contemporary cafe in the Mission. Popular items include “the rebel within”—a biscuity muffin speckled with parmesan, pork sausage, and scallions with a soft-boiled egg in the center—and the pork XLB croissant. Though you can’t go wrong choosing one of Craftsman and Wolves’s seasonal mini cakes or tarts.

Liguria Bakery

Century-old Liguria Bakery* (1700 Stockton Street) specializes in focaccia—a crispy-on-the-outside, springy-on-the-inside Italian flat bread made with just a handful of ingredients. Liguria Bakery’s version has customers lined up out the door to pick up slabs of the rosemary garlic, jalapeño cheddar, or pizza focaccia, among others. Take your goods to one of the best parks in San Francisco, Washington Square, to enjoy at North Beach’s historic park.

Closeup of spongy focaccia.
When focaccia is done right, it’s crispy on the outside, and inside, it has an airy spongy texture. Photo credit: Adam Bartoszewicz

*Note: As of October 2023 Liguria Bakery is under construction.

Le Marais Bakery

Closeup of croissant and in the background is a flower in a vase.
Take a seat in Le Marais Bakery to feel like you’ve been transported to France. Photo credit: lamblukas

Le Marais Bakery in San Francisco’s Lower Nob Hill neighborhood offers a simple menu of mostly French pastries, ranging from perfectly puffed-up croissants—plain, chocolate, almond, or raisin—to buttery Breton cakes and Parisian vanilla-infused flan. Want to try a Parisian-style brunch? Then order up the bacon croissant toast or quiche of the day at Le Marais Bakery in the Castro.

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