11 Best Hotels in Naples, Italy: Luxury, Historic and Boutique Stays

Choosing the best place to stay in Naples is tough—there are so many amazing options! This guide will take you through the best hotels in Naples, Italy, all the way from classy accommodation to unique small locations

When choosing a neighborhood in Naples, keep in mind that the historical center and the Quartieri Spagnoli are the most central options. However, there are some other great options, too.

Check out the neighborhoods of Chiaia, Vomero, and Sanità to help you know which area is right for your trip. As for the best hotels in Naples, Italy, read on to find the perfect place to make your stay special.

The best hotels in Naples, Italy are in charming streets and neighborhoods
With charming streets and neighborhoods with strong personalities, read on to find the best hotels in Naples, Italy. Photo credit: Samuel C

Five and four star hotels: from old-world charm to modern luxe

To go all out luxury, consider:

These high quality picks are within walking distance of all the major attractions in the city and are considered some of the best hotels in Naples, Italy.

Beyond their quality service and extraordinary locations, they all have special traits that make them a cut above the rest. Let’s dive into each one of them.

Elegant and luxurious bar restaurant with bartender
Enjoy a luxurious experience with plenty of amenities in any of these extraordinary hotels in Naples, Italy. Photo credit: Morna Tang

ROMEO (5 stars)

ROMEO is situated right on the port and offers stunning views of the sea and Vesuvius from its modern rooms.

The hotel gives you the height of luxury experiences with a private gym, a full spa with different jacuzzis and saunas, and a Michelin-starred restaurant, Il Comandante.

The location couldn’t be more perfect for those looking to take trips to the islands of Ischia, Procida, or Capri.

Especially great for: Fine dining and spa experiences.

Panoramic views from the best hotels in Naples, Italy and mount Vesuvius
Enjoy the views of Mount Vesuvius from the hotel, dine at Il Comandante and rest after a long day at the spa for a perfect experience. Photo credit: Zsolt Cserna

The Britannique (4 stars)

The Britannique is in a less central but quieter position above the chic neighborhood of Chiaia.

It has a gorgeous rooftop terrace with a bar. Even in the colder months, the rooftop is well utilized with a glass pavilion where guests enjoy breakfast with a view over the city and the sea.

Especially great for: Families, relatively quiet location.

Couple enjoying a spa day in some of the best hotels in Naples, Italy
Enjoy a relaxing vacation in some of the best hotels in Naples. Photo credits: Andrea Piacquadio

Palazzo Alabardieri (4 stars)

Palazzo Alabardieri is located right in the vicoletti (narrow streets) of Chiaia. It has old world charm with classically decorated rooms and a wood-paneled bar.

It’s comfortable, welcoming, and plush, with the added bonus that you can step right outside into the winding Neapolitan streets.

Especially great for: Immersion in the cute and classy neighborhood of Chiaia.

Some of the best hotels in Naples, Italy, are hidden in narrow streets
Get lost in the narrow streets of Napoli for a real Neapolitan experience. Photo credit: Sam van Bussel

Hotel Mediterraneo (4 stars)

Renaissance Naples Hotel Mediterraneo is a tall, modern building with a rooftop terrace with a pool and jacuzzi. They also give you gym passes to the gym in the building.

There are several different dining options in the hotel. It’s located near the port and near all public transit. It’s a great and comfortable choice for families!

Especially great for: Business travelers, families, very close to the port.

The best hotels in Naples, Italy, have one thing in common: the views.
What could be better than having these views when you wake up? Photo credits: Francesco Baerhard

Boutique hotels and unique B&Bs

Looking for a more curated and niche experience? Luckily, some of the best hotels in Naples, Italy are actually boutique hotels, and you have plenty to choose from. 

Here are seven of the best small hotels and B&Bs Naples has to offer, at a range of price points.

People eating in a terrace on a hidden gem hotel in Naples, Italy
You can’t go wrong with these hidden gems and their unique charm. Photo credit: Inés Castellano

Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel

The Santa Chiara Boutique hotel literally could not be more central. Walk out its front door and you’ll find yourself on Spaccanapoli, the main thoroughfare that cuts the historical center of Naples in half.

The “shabby chic” decor is extra charming and the hotel is amazing for families with its spacious suites. Go for this hotel if you want to be in the thick of the historical center.

Especially great for: Being in the center of city action.

Santa Chiara best hotels in Naples, Italy
Santa Chiara, in Italy, a place brimming with history. Photo credits: Jean-Christophe Benoist

Mareluna Boutique Hotel

If you prefer a seaside spot, Mareluna boutique hotel has got you covered. Each of the rooms in this small but welcoming hotel has a sea-facing balcony.

The rooms are decorated in a simply beachy style with painted tiles giving a relaxing vibe. Enjoy your morning cappuccino on the balcony, with Capri in the distance!

Especially great for: Sea views and a beachy vibe.

Terrace with views of Capri
Enjoy a cappuccino, or a glass of wine, with these wonderful views. Photo credit: ehpien

Artemisia Domus

Artemisia Domus is an ultra modern and refined guest house in the historical center of Naples. It’s an especially good choice for a romantic getaway.

Apart from the classic rooms, they have five luxury suites that have private hot tubs in the rooms, and a couple suites that even have private saunas.

They position themselves as a wellness and spa hotel, with the possibility of booking massages right in your room.

Especially great for: Romantic getaways, couples, spa lovers.

Woman having a spa day in one of the best hotels in Naples, Italy
Experience the luxury and pleasure of a wellness and spa hotel right in the center of Naples, Italy. Photo credit: Usen Parmanov

Constantino 104

Constantino 104 is the ultimate in Italian boutique hotels. It’s a design hotel situated in an 18th century villa, complete with a swimming pool in its courtyard garden.

Its delicious breakfast spread of mouthwatering Neapolitan pastries are especially noteworthy.

Because it’s in a historical villa with a courtyard, you get the feeling of being in an oasis in the center of the busy city.

Especially great for: An Italian villa experience encapsulated in a city hotel.

The best hotels in Naples, Italy, all have extraordinary views
Wherever you go in Italy, you’ll find extraordinary Italian villas, historic hotels and memorable experiences. Photo credit: Ben Mack

Hotel Piazza Bellini & Apartments

Hotel Piazza Bellini & Apartments, as the name suggests, has both rooms and apartments on offer for those looking for larger spaces with kitchen appliances.

The hotel’s entrance is in a courtyard in one of the most popular piazzas in Naples for nightlife. The courtyard is lush and has a private bar for you to enjoy.

Because it’s in the center of Neapolitan nightlife, it’s a perfect option for groups of friends.

Especially great for: Groups of friends, those who want an apartment.

Italian nightlife party with people and music
If you’re traveling with friends and looking for a perfect place to enjoy Italian nightlife, this may be the place for you. Photo credit: Edoardo Tommasini

Relais della Porta

Relais della Porta boutique hotel gives you the vibe of stepping back in time. It’s in a 16th century building with frescoed rooms and beautiful wood floors.

The breakfast room has the original painted ceiling intact and restored, so you can feel like you’re dining in a historical palace.

Especially great for: Museum lovers, old-world vibes, historic hotel.

Historic buildings host some of the best hotels in Naples, Italy
In Naples, Italy, it is possible to stay at historical hotels with exquisite architecture. Photo credit: Andrea D’Angiolo

Atelier Inès

Atelier Inès is a combination of B&B and art gallery for creative-minded travelers. It’s located in the culturally rich Sanità neighborhood, for those looking to get a little bit outside the historical center. It is just a short walk away from there and all the major tourist destinations.

The couple that owns the hotel offer creative workshops to guests. It’s an intimate hotel that feels like a beacon of artistic energy in the neighborhood.

Especially great for: Creative types, going off the beaten path.

No matter who you’re traveling with or what your tastes are, we’ve got you covered! Naples is dense with fantastic experiences and places to see—and that includes its many unique hotels.

people eating pizza at a restaurant
Are you ready for your Italian holiday? Enjoy the wonders of Naples’s best hotels, gastronomy and culture.

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