VIP David & Duomo Tour: Early Accademia Tour & Skip the Line Dome Climb with Exclusive Terrace Access

3 hours

Max 15

283 reviews

Combine Florence's two most in-demand attractions in a single, VIP experience. Skip long lines to climb the dome of Florence Duomo - the city's most in-demand experience - and slip into the Accademia Gallery before the crowds arrive to see Michelangelo's David in peace. You'll also enjoy a guided special access Florence Duomo tour with Baptistery and the Duomo Musuem.

The most exclusive view in Florence is atop the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore Climb Florence Duomo without waiting in line Special access to the Duomo Terraces allows you to get up close to the dome's incredible tilework. 'The Gates of Paradise' on the Baptistery doors Showing off the famous Gates of Paradise on the Florence Baptistery Michelangelo's David is never less than awe-inspiring The inside of Brunelleschi's titanic dome The interior of Santa Maria del Fiore Michelangelo's David stands proudly in front of the tortured artist's unfinished 'Slaves' Early entry is key to avoiding the large crowds in the Florence Accademia Michelangelo's sculptures feel more like a reveal than creation Seeing Michelangelo's unfinished works gives you immense insight into his creative process
  • Sites Visited
  • Accademia Gallery
  • Florence Baptistery
  • Duomo Museum
  • Florence Duomo (with hidden room)
  • Top of Florence Dome
  • Tour Includes
  • Early skip the line entrance at the Accademia Gallery
  • Skip the line access at the Baptistery & Duomo Museum
  • Special access Florence Duomo tour
  • Access to the Duomo Terraces
  • Skip the line Florence Duomo climb

Take a shortcut directly to the Duomo rooftop.

Skip lines and go behind velvet ropes at the two most important (and busiest) attractions in Florence. This VIP experience showcases the David and the Duomo as you've never seen them before.

You'll begin early with reserved tickets for the first entrance at the Florence Accademia, where Michelangelo's earth-shattering sculpture of David has been dazzling people for years. You'll learn the story of this statue from your local guide, along with fascinating tales of its tortured creator, Michelangelo Buonarroti, whose unfinished Slaves you'll also enjoy. They're a fantastic insight into the artist's method of sculpting, which he characterized as being more like a reveal than creation. Indeed the Slaves do look like they've been lurking inside the rock for centuries, just waiting for Michelangelo to release them.

Then it's on to the Florence Baptistery, where all true Florentines were once baptized. From its apocalyptic dome mosaic to the bronze doors that Michelangelo himself called the Gates of Paradise, this is a building with the power to send shivers up your spine. What many don't know is that those famous bronze doors are actually replicas. To see the real ones you'll step inside the Duomo Museum, where all of the best artifacts from the construction of the Florence Cathedral are kept, including a reconstruction of the original lost facade and masterpieces from Donatello and Michelangelo.

After you've learned the building's story you'll step inside the building itself for an all-access Florence Duomo tour, that takes you to areas most visitors aren't allowed to see. Then you'll head up to the Duomo Terrace, a semi-secret platform that will give you an unrivaled view of the great dome of the cathedral, which broke every rule of architecture when it was built by Filippo Brunelleschi. It remains today one of the largest domes in the world, more than 500 years after it was built.

Finally, the cherry on top of this VIP cake, you'll have the option to take a special entrance Dome climb. While most visitors wait for hours in the long line below, you'll walk right up to the pinnacle of this titanic structure for a jaw-dropping view of Florence and the rolling hills of Tuscany beyond.


283 Verified Reviews

Our tour was fantastic!

It allowed us to see the sights with no crowds and with the additional insights that our excellent guide provided. I highly recommend it.

Great tour!

Very informative and well worth the money! Seeing the David up close and FIRST was amazing! The guide was knowledgeable. Entering into the duomo and seeing the Terrance was gorgeous. It made it super easy to keep climibing after the tour to the top of the duomo!


What if the weather is bad (rain, snow, hail, etc.) on the day of my tour?
Our tours run rain or shine so please dress for the elements. We also ask you to please remember hats and sunscreen if you are taking this tour in the summer as it might be very hot.
Does this tour always visit the Duomo Museum?
Yes. But during exceptional circumstances (when there are a lot of visitors in Florence) entry to the Baptistery will require waiting in a line of up to 25 minutes. When this happens we will skip the guided portion of the tour inside the Duomo Museum and instead give guests tickets to the Museum that they can use any time in the following 3 days. We recommend going after the tour when all that your guide has told you is still fresh in your mind!
Can I bring my bag into Florence Duomo?
Larger backpacks are not allowed inside Florence Duomo. Please make sure to only bring small handbags on this tour.
Is the Dome Climb accessible to people with limited mobility?
There are 463 steps to the top of the Florence Duomo and no elevator. Also, the staircase and is narrow and, in the summer, pretty hot. We don't recommend it for the elderly, people with limitations on their mobility, or anyone with claustrophobia.
Do I need to bring my ID with me on this tour?
Yes! This is especially important if you have purchased a student ticket because the museums will check when we arrive.
Does the Duomo Museum ever close unexpectedly?
The Duomo Museum closes the first Tuesday of each month. On these occasions we will include a visit of the Underground section of the Cathedral instead (Santa Reparata). We will hand you a ticket which is valid for 48 hours so you can visit the Museum on your own the following day.
Does the Florence Duomo ever close unexpectedly?
The Cathedral of Florence occasionally closes for special celebrations/festivities, including Easter ceremonies. If this occurs during your visit, we will run an alternative itinerary that includes an explanation of the Cathedral from the outside and extra highlights of the city center. We are unable to provide refunds or discounts if the Cathedral closes unexpectedly.
Does the Florence Duomo have a dress code?
Yes. The Florence Duomo is a holy place and as such, you are expected to wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees when you enter.

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