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Guide & Art Lover

I'm an enthusiastic history and art lover leading tours at the Vatican, Colosseum and Borghese Gallery. I love showing travelers around Rome’s major sights and taking them off-the-beaten path for a taste of how the Romans enjoy our home city.

  • Rome, Italy
  • Guide since 2011
    • Vatican City
    • Colosseum
    • Art History
    • Storytelling
I love how the stories of ancient Rome and our modern life are intertwined here in Rome.

About Me

Q. What inspired you to become a guide?

Discovering unknown and hidden corners of my magnificent city, Rome, is one of my favorite hobbies! Thanks to my job, I can share my passion for history and art with people from all over the world. It brings me a lot of joy to share everything this city offers.

Q. What do you love most about Rome?

Rome is an open-air museum and history never ends! It's possible to find the best of everything here: art, history, food, wine, great views, breathtaking sunsets, opera, and shopping.

Q. What's your favorite story to tell on tour?

I tell my favorite story while leading tours at the Colosseum. That's the life of the Emperor Nero's family, with his eccentric uncle Caligula and his ambitious mother Agrippina. Sometimes guests don’t believe it’s true, but that’s history and life as a Roman emperor seems quite crazy today.

fun facts

Fun Facts

  • My roots are deeply connected with ancient cultures. With my mother hailing from Rome and my father born in Greece, the heritage of the Ancients flows through my veins.

  • I was born right here in Rome, in the shadow of the Vatican City. How could I not be its tour guide?!

  • I'm both a tour guide and a trained sommelier. I aspire to craft a unique tour that integrates both skill sets for a memorable experience.

My Insider Tips for Rome

Q. What about Roman culture should people not miss?

The people watching in Piazza Navona is really interesting. In this one square you’ve got it all: art, history, restaurants, wine bars, craft shops, and antique shops. Not to mention Piazza Navona is considered Rome’s most beautiful square!

Q. What do you tell your visiting friends to see in Rome?

I always tell visitors that Rome is magnificent, but they should remember these three things: wear good pair of comfortable shoes due to the typical sampietrini or stonework in the streets; be ready to walk instead of catching public transport or a taxi; and you need more than one life to visit the entire city of Rome!

Q. What are some unmissable food and drinks?

In Rome you must try carbonara pasta, thin Roman Pizza, fried artichokes, warm white pizza with mortadella, coffee granita with cream at the Pantheon, and enjoy a Spritz aperitivo in front of the Colosseum.

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