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I’m from Greece, but I fell in love with the Eternal City and have been calling it home since 2015. I’m a historian and archaeologist specializing in Greco-Roman civilizations and I absolutely love sharing this passion with travelers.

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What I love about Rome is that everywhere you look there is something capable of taking your breath away, even if it's only just for a second. There’s history and beauty everywhere you turn, from baroque squares to renaissance palaces to archaeological sites.

About Me

Q. What inspired you to become a guide?

I have always been passionate about history and learning about other civilizations. That passion transformed into a university degree in history and archaeology. When I chose my field of study, I planned to become a teacher, but when I discovered the world of guided tours and traveling, it was love at first sight.

Q. What do you love most about Rome?

I love how vibrant and colorful Rome is and its food and wine culture. This is a city that will evoke all of your senses and I would not change this for the world.

Q. Where is your favorite place to take visitors?

When I’m giving tours, I love taking guests to Piazza Navona. I enjoy telling the story about the Fountain of the Four Rivers and how it shows Bernini's genius not only as an artist but as a businessman as well.

fun facts

Fun Facts

  • I'm obsessed with Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. They are my favorite places in Rome (and maybe the whole world).

  • My favorite Roman pasta dish is carbonara. (I have some great recommendations where you can try it!)

  • These days I enjoy exploring lesser-known museums and archaeological sites.

My Insider Tips for Rome

Q. Best time of year to enjoy Rome?

My favorite time to enjoy Rome is during the spring (April and May) and fall months (September and October). The weather is the best — not too hot and not too cold — so it's perfect for exploring the city, enjoying a nice dinner al fresco and not suffering from the summer heat. Plus, the sunsets in October are really something special.

Q. What about Rome’s culture should people not miss?

Italian culture is very centered around food and good conversation among friends. When in Rome, do as the Romans do and enjoy an Italian aperitivo at a local bar before dinner. Everyone also has to experience at least one typical Roman meal with local dishes and wine during their trip.

Q. What do you tell your visiting friends to see in Rome?

If you're visiting Rome for the first time and staying for a few days, you definitely should see the historic center, including the important squares (like Piazza Navona and the Spanish Steps) the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon. You have to visit the Vatican Museums (even better, do the Key Master’s Tour where you get to unlock the various rooms of the Vatican Museums together with the clavigero of the Vatican) and St. Peter's Basilica, Trastevere and of course the Colosseum.

If you’re a returning visitor or are staying for more time, you should definitely include other museums such as the Capitoline Museums, Palazzo Altemps, Castel Sant'Angelo or even a day trip to Tivoli or the Castelli Romani area. I also tell them Rome is a city that is explored better on foot, so pack comfortable shoes, a water bottle to refill at the drinking fountains in the street, and be ready to walk a lot.

Q. What are some unmissable foods and drinks?

First, you have to try the classic Roman pasta dishes including amatricana, cacio e pepe, gricia and especially the carbonara (my favorite!). We love artichokes in Rome, so I recommend you try carciofi alla giudia in the Jewish Quarter. It is a very old way of eating the vegetable which has its origin in the 16th century. Gelato for dessert is a must! My tip is to avoid shops with bright, fluorescent colors — they’ve probably used artificial flavorings.

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