Closing Time At The Louvre: The Mona Lisa At Her Most Peaceful

3 hrs

Max 15

138 reviews

See the Mona Lisa at her most peaceful time (just as the museum is closing) on our carefully-crafted itinerary. This exacting Louvre tour walks you through the best of the collection, from French paintings to Italian sculptures and even the palace's moat foundations, in a small group and with an expert local guide. So you're guaranteed to get the best from this once-in-a-lifetime visit.

  • Sites Visited
  • Mona Lisa (at her best time)
  • Italian sculptures
  • Classic Greek Art Rooms
  • French painting galleries
  • Medieval Louvre Moat
  • Crown Jewel Room & much more
  • Tour Includes
  • Skip the line Louvre Museum tickets
  • Expert tour guide
  • Small group of max 15 people
  • Headsets

Take some time out with the lovely 'Mona Lisa'.

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is one the most famous paintings in the world; and also (famously) one of the most difficult to see. For most of the day, her room in the Louvre is packed to the brim with people jostling to get a peek at her. That's why we've worked out a specially-timed itinerary that allows you to enter the Mona Lisa Room just as is begins to clear out for the night. As everyone else is leaving, you'll be enjoying some more peaceful moments with the mysterious lady and your expert tour guide. Without the crowds, you'll be able to get close enough to see her tiny canvas - and even snap a photo or two with the Louvre's leading lady.

The itinerary of our Louvre tour has been tested over countless visits to get you not just the perfect slot at the Mona Lisa, but a full 2.5 hours inside the galleries. Along with your expert guide you'll enjoy all the highlights of the collection including the Medieval moat and Greek & Roman sculptures like the Venus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace, Cupid & Psyche, and Michelangelo’s Slaves.

Of course this is Paris's greatest art museum, so you'll also visit some of the greatest works created by French artists. Works such as Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix, The Raft of Medusa by Géricault and the enormous Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon's official staff painter. These canvases are the perfect jumping-off point into conversations about France's fascinating history. As you admire these stunning artworks, your guide will decode Delacroix's message from the French Revolution and Géricault devastating portrayal of a real-life event. They'll also tell you how the size of Napoleon's canvas says a thing or two about his insecurities.

On your complete Louvre tour you’ll also see France’s old crown jewels and works from the Italian masters Caravaggio, Raphael, and of course, Leonardo da Vinci.

Of course location must not be overlooked. As you move from one stunning room to the next, your guide will give you the history of the building, once a royal residence where one young prince in particular rode his horse up and down the corridors. At times it will be hard to take you eyes off the architecture to focus on the art - just another reason why this is one of the world's greatest art museums.

By visiting in the company of an expert art historian guide and a small group of no more than 15 people, you won't just see some of the greatest masterpieces in Europe, you'll learn the stories behind them: From why the French lied about the age of the Venus de Milo, to who, exactly posed for the Mona Lisa. This is art like you've never experienced it before.


138 Verified Reviews

Fantastic tour.

It was a great experience to be in the Louvre at closing. We had been there two days before at mid-day and really enjoyed the smaller and quieter crowds.

What an amazing experience.

The tour is a highlight tour and 3 hours is definitely not enough time for the whole museum. But we received a crash course in art history for all the main pieces of art and have really come out of the experience with an amazing and knowledge filled appreciation for the Palace. The room for the Mona Lisa at the end had maybe 20 people in it and it was really a nice finish the tour.


Do I need to bring an ID with me on this tour?
Yes! Please ensure that all members of your party have a valid ID on them on the day of the visit. This is particularly important for guests who have qualified for a student discount.
Why is it so hard to see the Mona Lisa without a lot of people?
The Mona Lisa is arguably the most famous painting in the world due to a variety of factors that include its painter, Leonardo da Vinci, the fact that he left very few completed paintings, the mysterious circumstances surrounding the painting, and the fact that it was stolen and lost for a number of years. It is housed in the Louvre, which is the most visited art museum in the world. When you combine all of these things, it makes the Mona Lisa probably the most visited/overcrowded painting in the world. Seeing it without the heaviest crowds is a matter of experience, opportunity, and very good timing.
What can I bring inside the Louvre Museums?
Please note that the Louvre will not allow large items inside the museum, so you should bring only a small daypack or handbag. More specifically, only bags smaller than 21.5 in x 13.5 in x 7.5 in (55 cm x 35 cm x 20) cm are permitted. Suitcases and large bags must be left outside. Additional security checks may cause longer waits at unavoidable security lines at times.
Can you guarantee that I will see every room in the Louvre listed here?
We can't guarantee it, but it's very likely. As with all museums, particular galleries of the Louvre may be closed without prior notice, or pieces may be removed for restoration or loan. In this case, your guide will make an appropriate substitution. However, as the pieces and the rooms we visit on our tour are the most important in the museum, these are the ones least likely to close or leave on loan.
I use a wheelchair: Can I take this tour?
Unfortunately, this tour route is not fully wheelchair accessible so wheelchair users cannot join our group tour. However, an alternate route can be arranged to accommodate visitors in wheelchairs who wish to hire a private guide. Please contact customer service at [email protected] to arrange a wheelchair-friendly tour.

The Perfect Guide, Every Time

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Delphine is a proud mother of two who has lived in Paris for most of her life and been guiding for 16 years.



Born in Ukraine and raised in America, Lilya has always loved art and history. When she moved to Paris 4 years ago, becoming a guide came naturally to her.