Reviews: Crypts, Bones & Catacombs: An Underground Tour of Rome


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Andrea Martin was exceedingly knowledgeable and entertaining with his commentaries. The crypts and catacombs were fascinating, and visiting a true archeological dig was something not available to everyone. A great adventure! The only reason for a 4-star, rather than 5-star, on customer service is the response before leaving the States. I was assured that there were a minimum of stairs and ample places to sit for a quick rest. Neither was exactly the case in actuality. The tour should carry a statement that these are not designed for physically limited visitors. I did enjoy the tour but it was quite demanding.

Our friends took this tour. We chose to take a pasta making class instead. Your survey wouldn’t let me exit I just gave the tour four stars .

It's a shame that the group had not bothered reading the full tour guide. You made it very clear that it was a long walk and that you would need to cover knees and shoulders at some locations. I am not sure why but three dropped out due to the exercise and several wore inappropriate clothing. Maybe put it in red bold capitals and they may then read it. The guide was amazing and full of energy. Very enjoyable.