Reviews: Early Access Crown Jewels with Opening Ceremony and Complete Tower of London Guided Tour


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Our tour guide was excellent, we learned so much and enjoyed our visit to The Tower of London. She came with both knowledge and enthusiasm, she was a passionate history buff which made this tour thorough and insightful, not a stone unturned.

Fabulous tour and guide.

Our guide, Richard, was friendly, timely, humorous and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

I enjoyed the tour and early access to the Crown Jewels. Our guide was very knowledgeable and an asset to your company.

Alex did an amazing job. We had all ages in our group and he spoke at a level interesting to all. I was very impressed. Thank you. Mary

A very well done tour. Salvatore was great and the early access was very nice to have. I have visited The Tower several times and this was my best visit.

I loved the fact that we saw the opening ceremony for the Tower of London. We were a small group and it felt like a private invitation to see the ceremony. Getting an early access to the crown jewels with little to no crowds was also a bonus. Nick provided us with things to look for while looking at the crown jewels which made the visit even better.

This tour was excellent. Well structured, informative, interesting and memorable. I still have a good recollection some 3 months later. I was shadowing Gina, as a new Walks guide.