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Wonderful tour. Wonderful Guide

The tour guide was very friendly and we have great fun together. She explained everything to us in very details

Anatole was amazing and made the trip. He had such great history and interesting stories about French history and champagne. I would highly recommend him!

The tour was great, I especially enjoyed smaller Champagne houses visits- great time and amazing value. Especially in Vincey house, with Marina. Hot air balloon didn't happen but we got to taste another champagne instead- that was a great substitution in my opinion. Anatole, our guide was very informative. The only thing I didn't enjoy is that DESPITE the small group size :5 people and a baby- we were ushered to eat inside ( inside!!!!) the restaurant in the back room with no view and no people watching. But then- I could've chosen to be rude and ditch the group and have a meal on my own . Definitely recommend the tour. Will definitely be back. I only wish we started the tour later in the day and stayed for early dinner instead of early lunch.

Good opportunity to visit the smaller family owned Champagne houses. Also experienced our first ever hot air ballon ride.

The tour would have felt incomplete without the stop at the second vineyard. The hotair balloon ride could easily be dropped.

We had a wonderful time with Walks in Champagne. It was a beautiful tour, the venues are amazing and the champagne was just perfect. Great day trip in the French countryside. Thank you Walks and Rene our lovely guide!

This was a perfect choice for seeing the Champagne region and for a tasting. The winery tour was intimate and delicious. Our tour guide Julia was the best. Extremely kind , knowledgeable and flexible. I would not only recommend this tour, I’d go on it again myself!

We had such a great time on our tour. Michelle was a delight, very educated and very easy to talk to. The only disappointment of the day was not being able to take the hot air balloon ride. While I know it is weather pending, it is something we were really looking forward to.