Reviews: Closing Time at the Louvre: Mona Lisa at Her Most Peaceful


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Great tour with Addie! She was awesome and so knowledgeable on all the art work and sculptures we saw in Le Louvre. Would recommend if you only have a few hours to see some of the highlights in the museum.

The Louvre is spectacular and our guide Addie is very knowledgeable and also made the tour fun plus she is very interactive. My wife and I absolutely loved it.

Team Adam for life! Seriously, Adam is such an incredible guide for this experience. He’s probably the best guide of any kind of tour I’ve ever been on. I will be back in Paris and would love to do another tour with him!

Great Walk-tour! We were in best hands with Guide, Violette! Utmost knowledgeable it was a joy to listen to her. She made sure not to overwhelm with information, but kept it digestible and most importantly, interesting and intriguing! Très magnifique!

The tour guide was excellent in every respect. Highly recommend for visiting the Louvre as without a guide you would not appreciate so much.

Our tour guide Daniel was outstanding. Informative, easy-going, and with a great sense of humor. Helped bring the great artworks and the Louvre to life and gave us great insight into each piece and their history and significance. This is our second tour with a Walks guide, the other was at the Vatican, and they really do have the best, most knowledgeable, and entertaining professional guides anywhere. Thank you Daniel for a wonderful tour!

Our tour guide, Avie, was excellent. We loved skipping line and exploring the Louvre with an expert who was charming, was knowledgeable, funny and interesting. We had no problem seeing the "3 ladies" of the Louvre. A real highlight of our vacation!

The high quality of this tour most definitely includes the wonderful guide that we had - Avi. He was very knowledgeable and interspersed his narrative with some humor. We saw all of the highlights mention in the tour description plus others. Saving La Giaconda for the last was the perfect way to end the tour. A definite must tour for anyone visiting Paris.

While I chose "quality of tour" as the best experience of this tour, it most certainly includes the high quality of the tour guide that we had - Avi. He was very knowledgeable, funny, and resourceful (when he saw that the crowd in front of the Winged Victory was large, he detoured our group to another area first and came back to it when there were fewer people there). The pace of the tour was not rushed and we saw all the highlights that were mentioned in the tour description plus more. Saving LA Giaconda for the last was the perfect ending for the tour. This particular tour is a definite must do.

Very much enjyyed our tour. Abe was very entertaining while educating us on The Louvre and its history. Highly recomend.