Reviews: Closing Time at the Louvre: Mona Lisa at Her Most Peaceful


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Nancy was terrific

Josephine was a very good guide; knowledgeable and funny. She showed us a good variety of things which we really liked

What a wonderful tour! Adam was able to keep all of us interested, from age 70 to age 10! We were completely engrossed in the amazing things he showed us! He was so knowledgeable - it made all the difference in the world in our experience of the Louvre

Josephine was such a great tour guide. She really made it a great experience. I had no idea how immense the museum is and she navigated us through the highlights, we were able to cover a lot and she was knowledgeable and kept it interesting. I would love to do it again. Thanks so much.

I LOVED this tour. I was travelling with my 16 year old niece and she was dragging her feet at spending "HOURS" looking at art [insert teenage eye roll] and afterwards when we were talking about the trip, this was her favourite thing in Paris. She thought it would be all about snobby art criticism, but loved the stories and background. I've recommended this to several friends

We love Violet!!! She was so warm and funny while still providing such interesting info about the art we were seeing. Before the tour we were worried about being too tired since we had arrived in Paris that morning and had been sightseeing all day, but Violet kept us awake and entertained. We have commented many times since how much we enjoyed her tour. Being at the Louve in the evening was extra special, too, as the crowds were small and the lighting was beautiful. We even had the Mona Lisa to ourselves at the end! I would recommend Walks to anyone and hope to tour with Violet again someday. Thank you for a wonderful tour!

Ferite (sp?) was amazing. We loved the fast pace through the Louvre. Although we've been to the Louvre several times, Ferite took us to some amazing exhibits that we had never seen before. We also appreciated that he was so engaging with each individual in our small group from young children to seniors. In addition, the stories that he told brought to life the history of each exhibit. Just wonderful!

This was a fabulous tour. Our guide, Carolina, was extremely knowledgeable about Art History. She presented her vast knowledge in a fun and entertaining fashion. She managed logistics, such as finding us lockers for our coats, navigating through security, extremely well. She made a tour of the Louvre interesting and manageable. I highly recommend this tour and our tour guide, Carolina.

Loved Adam!