Reviews: The Complete Small Group Paris to Mont Saint-Michel Day Trip & Exclusive Bay Tour


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Loved the trip, guide was funny. Wish he spent a bit more time on the history. I like hearing that, but for most others he would have struck the right balance.

Kaitlyn was delightful. We loved everything about the tour.

Liam was actually our tour guide. Romain only did the portion in the water. Liam was wonderful. He was funny, easy going, silly and had great stories. The weather was awful, and he just rolled with it, gave us all ponchos and had fun. Romain was very interesting, had a lot of knowledge and braved the water with us despite the terrible weather. The tour was absolutely worth it, especially because the train shortened the travel time and Liam was so wonderful.

Where did you get Anatole?! and so hilarious I wish all history teachers were like him!!! We enjoyed the baywalk and all of the tour!

What a wonderful day and I cannot recommend Anatole highly enough. He was informative and funny and made the whole day a pleasure.

Anatole is a mastery story teller who interweaves history and his deep knowledge of France and its people into his commentary. I learned so much about St. Michel, and France in general, on this trip. The visit to St. Michel, and the superb bay tour, was one of the highlights of our two week trip to France. Thank you Anatole!

The tour guide is very friendly and funny. Love how he explained everything in details. He’s a very nice guy

Had a great time food was great, tour Guide great too.