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This is a super interesting tour that will give you a more in-depth experience of ionici areas such as the Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere and will give you the wonderful opportunity to admire other treasures of Rome like the remarkable Roman aqueducts in the area of the Appian Way and the Testaccio Marketplace. And here is the cherry on the cake!!!! A delightful plate of Roman pasta, a choice of Carbonara, Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe or Gricia, abundant and tasty. Traditional Roman recipes in the most traditional atmosphere of the most traditional Roman market.

This tour allows an in-depth experience of some ionic areas of Rome such as the Jewish Ghetto, Tiberine Island, Trastevere and the Roman Aqueducts on the Appian Way. Each one of these places is presented and explored in a way that would be impossible to accomplish by oneself. The Tour Guide Andrea Silvestri captured everybody's attention and continued to fascinate us all throughout the tour with his profound knowledge and sensitive comments. I was particularly moved by Andrea's description of the events in the Ghetto during WWII and of St Cecilia's story. Andrea is much more than an excellent tour guide, he is a very interesting and charismatic person with an unusual knowledge of his city and a very good sense of humour. The Testaccio Marketplace at the end of the tour is the cherry on the cake!

Liam was fantastic! Gave us a list of extras to visit and taste more of Rome.

Liam was excellent with a head full of knowledge about Rome, its history and the vast reach into many hidden aspects of life even in modern day.

Andy was an excellent guide. Both witty and knowledgeable. Our best recommendations for this tour.

The guide was entertaining and very knowledgeable. He even knew the perfect spots for photos and offered to take pictures for each family. The food tastings were also very good.

Great tour to discover Rome off the beaten path.

Tour guide was late. He didn’t apologize and failed to introduce himself initially. Luckily Support person was on time and handled things in the meantime. Guide was knowledgeable but didn’t really have good people skills compared to other walks guides that we’ve had. One family dropped out early due to heat. Guide didn’t stress free water points in Rome as others had in the past. In fact he didn’t even bring his own water. Another member on the tour bought him a bottle at a stand (and I don’t think he even said thank you). He also walked quickly and didn’t seem to wait for the group. While he was extremely knowledgeable, he wasn’t as personable and customer focused as other Walk guides that we’ve had in the past.

A long hot tour when it's 90 degrees in Rome. And at the end, you are abandoned in a local market in Testaccio with no Metro station, no taxis, no information about how to get back to the center city, where no one speaks English. You are soaking wet with sweat, exhausted and you stagger around the streets looking for a main artery where you can throw yourself in front of a cruising taxi who's not supposed to pick you up in the street. That's the only way I got back to my hotel. Good luck with this tour. Better bring a bicycle.

This is a worthwhile tour if you feel like you have covered the basics. The aqueduct park was impressive