Rome As A Local: Hidden Gems & Ancient Wonders

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There are a lot of incredible attractions in Rome that fly beneath the radar. Some are a little out of the way, some are hiding in plain sight. This tour takes you to a handful that you won't find in many guidebooks. From ancient roads and aqueducts, to the old Jewish ghetto and a few surprises on the Janiculum hill, these wonders will let you see the Eternal City in a whole new light.

The aqueducts are some of the most enduring monuments of Ancient Rome The Park of the Aqueducts The Appian Way The Circus Maximus One of the views from the Janiculum Hill See Rome from your private, air-conditioned transport The Altare della Patria
  • Sites Visited
  • The Jewish Ghetto
  • Teatro Marcello (The Jewish Colosseum)
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Circus Maximus with view of Palatine Hill
  • The Appian Way
  • Park of the Aqueducts
  • Overlook of the Baths of Caracalla
  • Views over Rome from Janiculum hill
  • Aurelian walls
  • Optical illusion of St. Peter’s dome
  • Plus more surprises!
  • Tour Includes
  • Air-Conditioned Transport
  • Expert tour guide
  • Driver

Take an afternoon to explore beyond the obvious.

Your day of surprises begins in Central Rome, in a neighborhood that at first doesn't seem very Roman at all - the old Jewish Ghetto. As you stroll through the Old Ghetto you'll learn the history of Rome's vibrant Jewish Community and the opression they suffered both under papal rule and the Nazis. One of the highlights is seeing the Teatro Marcello, aka the Jewish Colosseum, an open-air amphitheatre that looks like a miniature Colosseum.

Next, you'll hop into a private, air-conditioned transport and zip over to the Circus Maximus, the proving grounds for the most popular sport in ancient Rome; no, not gladiator fighting, chariot racing.

From ancient sports to ancient thoroughfares, you'll head outside of Rome until the pavement turns to paving stones and you find yourself on the Via Appia Antica or Appian Way. One of the longest roads in the ancient world, this Roman highway was the main road into and out of the city. It was also where Spartacus and his followers were crucified after their failed revolt. As you follow the road, which still has its original stones, you'll also stop at the tomb of Cecilia Metella, an enormous burial monument built in the 1st century BC for a Roman nobelwoman.

Your next stop is the Park of the Aqueducts, where some of Rome's most iconic structures are on dispaly. These enormous arched aqueducts once carried some 300 millions gallons of water into Rome each day and powered all of the fountains, baths, and public watering holes that you still see in the city. Although most of the aqueducts are no longer in use, they are some of the greatest engineering feats of the ancient world - you're definitely going to want some photos here.

To see where all that water went you'll head back into the city for a look at the Baths of Caracalla, one of Rome's largest ancient bath complexes. From an overlook of the baths, our local expert guide will tell you how these enormous complexes (similar to modern health spas) hosted people from all walks of life in exercise rooms, steam rooms, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool that could hold more than 1,600 people at a time.

This tour also contains a few secrets on the Aventine and Janiculum hills that we don't want to give away here but we will give you a hint: There will be optical illusions, unique viewpoints, and a bit of heavy artillery.

This is not just a tour of lesser known sights in Rome, it's a tour of our favorite sights; the places we take our friends and family when they visit. We simply can't wait to take you.


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My family and I had a great tour.

It was well managed, and our guide Rebecca was excelent. We could not be happier for choosing this tour. We would definitely recomend your services to all our friends and family.

This tour was a last minute decision for us but ended up being a perfect ending to our 3 week Italian vacation.

Rome's Hidden Gems and Ancient Wonders was excellent as it gave us a different outlook on Rome than the normal, very busy and crowded sights. Our guide Katia was extremely knowledgable and shared very insightful information on the history of the areas we saw. We had run into some other travellers while in Tuscany who highly recommended Walks of Italy in Rome. We are so glad they did.


Does the order of the itinerary on this tour ever change?
Occasionally the sights on this tour are visited in a different order. This happens due to logistical changes and snap decisions made by our guides to avoid crowds and thus improve your visit.
Are the sites on this tour accessible to wheelchair users?
Not all of the sites on this tour are wheelchair accessible. Also, our Transport vans are not equipped to transport wheelchairs. Please contact us at [email protected] to make alternate arrangements.
Do we always see the sights in the same order that you have listed in the description?
No. Sometimes the order of our visits change due to logistical issues or your guide make a snap decision to avoid crowds in order to increase the quality of your visit.
Do I need to bring a photo identification with me?
Yes! This is especially important if you have purchased a student ticket because some sights will check when we arrive.
What if the weather is bad (rain, snow, hail, etc.) on the day of my tour?
Our tours run rain or shine so please dress for the elements. We also ask you to please remember hats and sunscreen if you are taking this tour in the summer as it might be very hot.

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Luciana Miari was born and bread in Argentina but dropped it all when she was 36 to come and guide in Rome. As a lover of art and people, she's never looked back.