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This was great!

Alessia was such a brilliant guide to have, she was so approachable and her expertise were evidently in the area - I felt like I had Robert Langdon with me going through the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica; she made it so interesting and relatable. I was lucky enough to have been on my own for this specific tour and had so much time for questions. I was given the perfect amount of time to enjoy the Sistine Chapel - I can't recommend this tour enough if you are someone who wants to experience the Sistine Chapel the way it is meant to be enjoyed; amongst a small amount of people in serene quiet - if you are to visit the chapel through a general ticket, I guarantee you will not enjoy the experience as much, as I have now experienced it both ways. Having a guide bringing you directly into the Basilica was excellent as we went into the church with little waiting time - just for the guide to collect our entrance tickets. Seeing the Pietà statue as one of the first things was truly indescribable and, in addition to having a guide that knew so much about it - it was truly enlightening. I even had the choice to explore the crypt with Alessia or to continue exploring the main Basilica - I chose to explore the crypt where I was given so much interesting facts about the Popes of the past and the earlier constructs of the church. At the end of the tour, Alessia pointed me in the direction of the elevator and steps to the Dome. Being able to have such freedom and movement around the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica was only made possible through the guide on this tour and the fact that the tour allowed me early access to these areas - this would not have been possible had I not booked with Walks of Italy; it was more than worth it - I can't wait to book my next tour with them, they do incredible work!

Great tour with our excellent guide Gigi!He was very engaging and informative and made the tour very interesting!

We really enjoyed this tour. The guide was very good, responsive, informative and entertaining. The tour took us to the key areas quickly which fit our limited time very well. It certainly was not an extensive tour - the Vatican Museums deserve a much longer visit. But for a "taste" of the highlights, this tour was really good.

Our guide was a knowledgable, sensitive, intelligent man with a deep understanding of his subject....and a great sense of humor as well! We thoroughly enjoyed our Walk and will recommend your company to friends and family unreservedly. Thank you!

This was a great tour and we had an excellent tour guide who know her history which she shared with us. I would absolutely repeat this tour and recommend it to any one else interested in touring the Vatican. Well worth the money.

This tour was amazing. The Guide was great.